Cops hand city schoolgirls a fight plan

Cops hand city schoolgirls a fight plan

NEW DELHI: Meet this group of super-children who can take down a man twice their size with bare hands. They have been trained in Prahar, a technique of self-defence for young women developed by Delhi Police combining techniques of karate, krav maga and taekwondo.

Experts from South Korea and doctors from AIIMS collaborated in developing Prahar which can be taught in as short a time period as 15 days. So far, 6,000 children at schools in north Delhi have been trained. The course is optional for boys but compulsory for girls.

A senior police officer, who has been monitoring the programme, said it was found children taught self-defence skills through an earlier programme conducted by Delhi Police could not apply them later as it takes a little more than two years to master them. Most children did not return for the refresher courses.

A team led by additional DCP (North) Brijender Yadav was formed to look into an alternative, and easier, way to train the children within 15 days. The team consulted experts in martial arts and orthopaedic and neuro-scientists from AIIMS. The result was a technique combining taekwondo, karate and krav maga moves that does not require a lot of strength to execute.

“In case of attacks on children, the tormentor was mostly found to be someone double their size and weight. Our aim was to develop something using which they could incapacitate the person and escape. The aim is not to injure anyone,” DCP (North) Madhur Verma said.

Police approached all schools in the district and convinced them to go for the programme. “The training includes basic moves like hitting the Adam’s apple or striking the heels of an attacker which would incapacitate them for a few seconds,” said a police officer.

A study was conducted by doctors to find out the physical ability of a child in the age group of 10-16 years. The police officer said that all the strikes being taught in Prahar would require simple techniques that may be learnt by any child of that age. Delhi Police aims to train 10,000 girls in Prahar by March and start the programme in other areas of the city as well.


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