Bantwal: Rape attempt on college student, married man arrested

Bantwal: Rape attempt on college student, married man arrested

Bantwal, Feb 10: An incident in which rape attempt was made on a college student was reported from Manila Muruva near Vittal on Monday February 9. In this case, the offender tried to subdue a college student, who was walking towards her home after alighting from a bus,

The accused has been identified as Raghu (24) from Peruvody Patla in Bayar. A 22-year-old college student, who belongs to a religion that is different from Raghu’s own, was walking home after getting down from the bus in the bus stand, when Raghu approached her from behind suddenly in a deserted spot. He talked to her in the guise of borrowing her cell phone. He then outraged her modesty by snatching away her bag, holding her mouth tight, and trying to rape her.

After observing that a local was coming on that path in a jeep, Raghu reportedly fled from there. The information spread immediately, after which people hunted him down from the attic of a local’s house where he was hiding. He was then handed over to police.

A case stands filed in Vittal police station relating to the incident. Raghu is married, and reportedly got adventurous during his visit to a relative’s home in Manila, Vittal, it is gathered.


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