Let’s root out untouchability: seers

Let’s root out untouchability: seers

Bengaluru: Declaring support to the VHP’s Ghar Wapsi (reconversion) programme, pontiffs of various mutts on Sunday stressed on the importance of rooting out untouchability.

“Ills like untouchability have to be ended as it only weakens our society. Along with caste, regionalism is a threat to our nation. This is the only land for Hindus. No Hindu without Bharat and No Bharat without Hindus,” RSS general secretary Suresh Bhaiyyaji Joshi said in his address to the Virat Hindu Samajotsava organized at the National College Grounds on Sunday to celebrate the parishad’s golden jubilee.

Supporting Ghar Wapsi programme, Madara Chennaiah swami, pontiff of a mutt belonging to Scheduled Caste, cautioned that those who return to Hinduism after conversion should not feel the heat of untouchability again. “Hindu community should examine the causes for large scale conversion of Hindus that has happened in the country. Untouchability is the main cause for people of lower castes converting to other religions. But dalits will stand in front when it comes to uniting the nation,” he said.

Hitting out at politicians opposing Ghar Wapsi, Visveshatheertha swami, pontiff of Pejawar mutt, said they never raised their voice when Hindus were being converted through coercion and other inducements. “They are now shouting on top their voice when VHP is trying to bring them back to Hindusim with love and affection. They have one policy towards Hindus and another for non-Hindus,” he said.

VHP organizing secretary (South), Gopal said Ghar Wapsi had received good response from Muslim women. According to him, Muslim women have expressed their discontent with the burqa (veil) system, triple Talaq and Talibanisation of Muslim community like depriving education to girls. “This is not forceful conversion. They are keen to return to Hinduism and we will welcome them with love and affection,” he said.



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