Kasargod: Two arrested for attempted sexual assault on minor in auto

Kasargod: Two arrested for attempted sexual assault on minor in auto

Kasargod, Feb 8: Two persons have been arrested on charges of attempting to sexually assault a 11-year-old school girl in an auto rickshaw at Kumble here.

The accused have been identified as Dinesh (32), a resident of Kuntageradka, Kumble and auto rickshaw driver Rajesh (30). Dinesh is a car driver by profession.

The incident took place on Friday February 6 and the accused who was absconding was arrested on Saturday February 7.

It is said that the girl is taken to an fro school by one Rajesh in his auto rickshaw every day. On the Friday, as usual, the girl along with three other of her school mates, was coming home from school by the same auto rickshaw.

On the way, Dinesh also got into the auto, sitting on the driver’s seat with Rajesh while the school children sat in the passenger seat. After dropping three of the students, the girl was alone in the back seat. Dinesh then shifted from the driver’s seat and sat with the girl. Even as Rajesh drove the auto rickshaw, Dinesh allegedly tried to sexually assault her.

The frightened girl managed to get out of the auto and run towards her house. Meanwhile, Rajesh and Dinesh escaped, however, on coming to know of the incident, the locals as well as the family members of the girl caught hold of Rajesh and questioned him. At first he denied the incident, but after being handed over to police, he reportedly spilled the beans.

Rajesh also gave information on Dinesh, based on which the police succeeded in arresting him.

Further investigations are on.



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