Kasargod: 38-year-old strangled to death, Jharkhand man arrested

Kasargod: 38-year-old strangled to death, Jharkhand man arrested

Kasargod, Feb 5: A man was found murdered at Panathady here on the night of Wednesday February 4.

The deceased has been identified as Panathady Pandakkal resident Balakrishnan (37).

Shiva Kandewal (38) from Jharkhand has been arrested in this regard.

It is learnt that the murder took place following a drunken brawl over a trivial issue in the house of Balakrishnan.

Shiva had arrived in Kasargod two years ago for job. He married Balakrishna niece and was staying in Pandakkal.

On Wednesday afternoon, Balakrishnan and Shiva reportedly consumed liquor and got into a quarrel. Later in the evening, there were arguments between the two regarding some issue over drinking water in the house. In the fight that ensued, Shiva allegedly strangled Balakrishnan to death with a nylon rope and escaped from the spot.

Later in the night, he returned home and informed his wife about what he had done, and it was only then that the incident came to light.

As the news spread, locals gathered at the spot and police too were informed. Shiva was arrested.

Balakrishnan had separated from his wife and children and was staying alone.

Rajapura police have registered a case.



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