Suicide bid: student’s kin alleges ragging

Suicide bid: student’s kin alleges ragging

BENGALURU: Mystery shrouds the suicide bid by a first year nursing student of South East Asian (SEA) College of Nursing, KR Puram. Police and college authorities have denied it is a case of ragging.

Thamari Chelvan, 18, from Theni, Tamil Nadu, was found hanging in his college hostel room on January 28 by some other inmates, who brought him down and rushed him to Manipal Hospital where he is battling for life.

Family members alleged that Thamari was ragged and harassed by four students who demanded money, pushing him to take the drastic step. Thamari and 15 other students from Tamil Nadu had joined the nursing course in 2014 and were staying in the college hostel.

On the fateful day, Thamari and two of his friends – Pandiyan and Denis — stayed back in the hostel and informed the faculty that they were unwell. While Pandiyan and Denis were on the ground floor of the hostel, Thamari attempted to commit suicide by hanging himself to a hook attached to the ceiling of his room with a shawl around 11.15am.

Karthick T, Thamari’s brother who lives in Madurai, told TOI that Thamari called him one hour before the incident. “He told me that he was in trouble as four of his hostel mates were harassing and trying to extort Rs 3,000 from him,” he added.

“The friends told Thamari to kill himself if he couldn’t give Rs 3,000,” alleged Karthick.

Thamari’s uncle K Perumal said the college has failed to ensure the safety of students and there is no security guard at the hostel. The family also alleged that their boy was ragged on the campus.

Thamari’s friends and hostelmates Azar and Krishnan alleged there was a rift between Thamari and two of his friends, Pandiyan and Karthik. They alleged that a few weeks ago, Thamari and Pandiyan sold Karthik’s laptop without informing him. When Karthik learnt of this, he asked Thamari and Pandiyan to either return his laptop or pay up for it. Mohamed Navas, another hosteller, however, claimed that Thamari was not harassed because of this.

Confirming the students’ version, KR Puram police said, “The laptop owner warned Thamari that he would complain to the principal about the incident.”


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