New system for garbage collection comes into effect in Mangaluru

New system for garbage collection comes into effect in Mangaluru

Mangaluru, Feb 3: The much-awaited project of turning Mangaluru into a ‘clean city’ has taken shape with the three-package scientific garbage collection system is being implemented under Mangaluru City Corporation (MCC) limits. However, this is much easier said than done as public awareness regarding this project is close to nil among citizens.

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The MCC had approved of two-package garbage collection system for collection and disposal of garbage by Anthony Waste Handling Cell Private Limited for a period of seven years, in September last year. After its inauguration by urban development minister Vinay Kumar Sorake on January 23, this year, the garbage collection and disposal system was officially implemented on February 1.

The main focus of creating awareness among the citizens will be segregation of waste, since the company will collect wet waste on six days and dry waste every Wednesday.

Earlier, garbage would be collected and taken to Pachanady in a single lorry which would take up to 30 minutes to unload at the disposal site. In the new system, door-to-door collection will be done in small trucks and transferred to a bigger compactor vehicle at transfer stations set up at Pumpwell, Marnamikatta, Nandigudda and Padua. From the hydraulic compactor, it takes only two minutes to unload the garbage for disposal.

In areas such as Central Market where garbage accumulation is higher, compactor vehicles with a capacity of 10 tonnes are parked for collection of garbage directly at the compactor.

A total of 55 mini-tipper vans, 16 compactor trucks, 700 personnel, an automatic sweeping machine and three drainage cleaning machines are part of the implementation of the large garbage disposal system initiated in Mangaluru at a cost of Rs 17.62 crore.

However, due to lack of publicity, this system has gone unnoticed by people, while there is dearth of detailed information among people regarding the garbage disposal project. Although the Dakshina Kannada deputy commissioner had directed the MCC officials in the progress meeting to put up hoardings and spread awareness in this regard, so far not many efforts have been made to create public awareness.

The package involves cleaning of 60 wards as well as cleaning of four beaches and mechanical sweeping of roads.

No more fees for waste collection

So far, as the MCC was regularly collecting fees from each house in all wards in Mangaluru for door-to-door collection of garbage, henceforth citizens will not have to pay this amount to the waste collectors in the city. From February onwards, this fees will be collected annually along with the payment of property tax to the MCC.


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