Death mystery solved: Murder by friend, not ill health or accident

Death mystery solved: Murder by friend, not ill health or accident


Udupi, Feb 4: Kota police have since claimed that they have solved the mystery behind the death of Vijay Karanth (31), a resident of Karkada near Saligrama in the district, whose body was found lying on the road opposite his house on Monday February 2 afternoon. It has transpired that Vijay’s friend stabbed him over a frivolous issue after an argument. The culprit has been taken into custody by the police. Vijay’s friend and neighbour, Sharat Poojary (33), who acted like trying to help Vijay to remain alive after succeeding in hoodwinking local residents by feigning ignorance, has been arrested for murdering Vijay.

Vijay Karanth

Sharath Poojary

After finding Vijay lying down in a precarious state, locals had taken him to a private hospital in Brahmavar, where attempt to save him was made but without success. In the meanwhile, the locals had found that a wound which appeared like having been inflicted with a sharp object had appeared near his left rib cage, and therefore, suspected foul play. It is said that Vijay and Sharat Poojary had got involved with heated argument on an unimportant issue, during which enraged Sharat stabbed Vijay with a knife. It is being claimed that blood stains in the house had been wiped after this act before others entered it.

There were efforts by the concerned to conceal the murder. Family members of Sharat Poojary and Sharat himself claimed that they had seen Vijay in a bad shape and thereafter rushed to his rescue. They also acted like being very much concerned over the misfortune that had befallen the Karanth family. This family of Sharat had informed others in the area that Vijay had fallen ill, and the people in the neighbourhood had guessed that Karanth would have fallen seriously ill because of excessive drinking. Even after the doctors at the hospital pinpointed the cause of the death, Sharat and family members remained stoic and continued to mislead the locals and police by giving twisted account of the happenings, it is said.

Vijay Karanth was a state level cricketer, and was widely known for his skillful bowling. Sniffer dogs were pressed into service. Brahmavar police circle inspector, Arun B Nayak, Kota station house officer, K R Nayak, and others visited the spot and undertook investigation.


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