Drunk Policeman Shoots Bar Manager Dead in Punjab

Drunk Policeman Shoots Bar Manager Dead in Punjab

Chandigarh, Feb 4: A manager of a bar was shot dead allegedly by a drunk policeman in Bathinda in Punjab. Bohad Singh, posted at Sangrur Central Jail as Deputy Superintendent, allegedly had an altercation with the manager over payment for liquor.

Policeman Shoots

In a fit of rage, Singh allegedly whipped out his personal revolver and fired shots at the manager, Rajeev Kumar, who died on the spot. The incident which took place in broad daylight, near the busy interstate bus terminus, has sent shockwaves among the locals.

According to an eyewitness, before shooting the manager, the jail official aimed his weapon at two other bar employees and pulled the trigger. However, the revolver did not fire on these occasions.

Singh then allegedly fired at the manager. A bullet reportedly pierced his head, killing him on the spot. He then managed to flee with his weapon. A hunt has been launched to nab him. He was reportedly on leave on Tuesday. Singh used to frequent the bar.



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