Couple kills alcoholic son, hacks body

Couple kills alcoholic son, hacks body

NEW DELHI: An elderly couple, fed up with their 27-year-old alcoholic son, bludgeoned him to death and chopped the body using a stone-cutter. They even dumped the parts in a forest near their home and had their house painted to remove any trace of the crime. Nand Kishore and Asha Devi, who are both in their 60s, have been arrested.

The incident came to light on January 8, when the youth’s partially decomposed palm was found in the forest. Police said an investigation was launched and the remaining parts were also recovered. During postmortem, the victim was identified as Suraj Bhan.

Suraj’s neighbours told police he had been missing since December and his parents claimed he had got a job in Saudi Arabia. The neighbour also said the youth’s parents often had tiffs with anyone and everyone who asked about Suraj.

“A team led by Jaitpur SHO Sunil Sharma was formed and the victim’s parents were questioned,” said Mandeep Singh Randhawa, DCP (southeast). Police said the duo initially tried to dodge questions, claiming they were in grief and were not in a position to talk about their son’s death. The investigating officers, however, became suspicious when the couple started avoiding any kind of interaction.

The couple’s home was raided during which a blood-stained hammer and some clothes with the victim’s blood on them were found. On being questioned, Asha Devi broke down and confessed to killing her son. She said Suraj had threatened them when they refused to buy him alcohol.

On January 8, Suraj came home drunk and asked his father for money. An argument ensued during which Kishore hit Suraj with a hammer. She told police that he fell unconscious, after which they strangled him and chopped the body. Nand Kishore dumped the parts.

Police said Nand Kishore used to work as a mason but had lost his job. He had sold some property to marry off his daughter and was surviving on the remaining amount. Suraj was unmarried and drove a taxi.


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