80 percent of financial institutions in Bantwal have no security guards!

80 percent of financial institutions in Bantwal have no security guards!

Bantwal, Jan 30: Believe it or not, nearly 80 percent of the finance institutions in Bantwal have not employed security guards. Most of them do not even have a CCTV camera. These shocking revelations were made during the meeting of banks, cooperative banks and financial firms convened by Bantwal ASP Rahul Kumar in the local police station on Wednesday, January 28.

The meeting was called to give suitable guidelines after a theft took place a few days ago in BC Road’s Bhagavathi Cooperative Bank due to security lapses.

When ASP Rahul Kumar asked how many of the firms have security guards, only a handful of them lifted their hands. The ASP regretted the lapses and said that security guards should be appointed within a week. “The security guards should be physically strong. They should remain awake throughout the night and work sincerely. Some guards sleep in front of the banks and ATMs. If that’s the case, why should they be paid for sleeping during work hours?” he said.

He further said that security guards should be deployed round the clock and CCTV cameras should be compulsorily installed. “Even small lapses in financial institutions lead to thefts and customers lose faith. The directives should be followed within the next seven days,” he said.

“Banks should be opened in strong buildings with suitable security measures. The windows, doors and verandahs should be secured. Provide the names of buildings where banks, cooperative societies, ATM and finance companies are situated, their addresses and contact details to the nearest police station. There should be proper lighting around those buildings. The locker system should be modern and a siren and burglar alarm should be installed to the strong rooms and the matter should be kept a secret. The security guards should be honest and strong. The details of the security guards such as their names, address and photos should be provided to the nearest police station,” he explained.

“If there are suspicions with regard to the visitors of the banks or financial institutions who come to deposit cash or for any other purpose, the nearest police station should be informed about it. If strangers come to pledge their jewellery for loan, their records of identification should be taken and the reason for loan should be asked. The nearest police station should be informed in case of suspicions,” he added.

He said that the bank officials would be held responsible for lapses. Probationary ASP Suman Belgam was present. Crime division SI Chandrashekarayya welcomed and proposed vote of thanks.

Heads of 51 financial institutions participated in the meeting.



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