Udupi: Chaotic scenes as teachers fight over school aid, parents protest

Udupi: Chaotic scenes as teachers fight over school aid, parents protest


Udupi, Jan 28: A meeting called to discuss about the expenses related to sports and talent prizes ended in a fight and an assault at a school in Mudugiliyaru in Kota here on Tuesday January 27.

The person assaulted is Ramesh, a teacher at Mudugiliyaru government primary school. The assaulter Udaya Madiwala is a physical education teacher from the government composite high school.The assault took place in the presence of headmasters of both the schools and many teachers.

Both the schools are in the same compound. It is said that the primary school was awarded an aid of Rs 10,000 for the purchase of sports equipment from youth services and sports department. Hence the physical education teacher of the school Babitha went to the department and signed the necessary documents. But Udaya Madiwala from the high school had lobbied for the same so that his school could get the aid.

A meeting of both school teachers was called on Tuesday January 27 regarding the expenses related to sports meet and talent prizes which had taken place earlier. When the issue of sports aid came up, Ramesh and Udaya had an argument. Udaya allegedly used some abusive language targeted at Ramesh in the initial stage and then he tore his shirt and attacked him. The whole episode was witnessed by the staff members of both the schools.

When the news reached the parents of the students it is said that they came in numbers to demand the suspension of Ramesh from the school. Now it is revealed that Udaya had a bad name because of his misbehaviour.

The parents and other locals went and closed the doors of the classes of both the schools and sat in the compound demanding the suspension of Udaya.

Udaya Madival originally from Kota has been working in the school for the past 15 years. There are various accusations against him including that of misbehaving with girl students. But despite complaints no action was taken against him in the past.

Brahmavara division education officer Nagesh Shanbaugh visited the place on Wednesday and said that he does pot have the power to suspend Udaya on fro some technical reasons. Hence he has transferred him to Januvarukatte government high school with immediate effect,. The officer also admitted that prima facie it looked like an assault case and the department will take suitable action after departmental inquiry.

The number of people who protested exceeded 300.

Primary school SDMC president Vijayakumar said that the parents have lost confidence in schools because o such incidents.

Shivaran Bhat the headmaster of from government high school , Shankara Narayana Shettigar headmaster from primary school , state primary teachers association Brahmavar region president Thimmappa Shetty Arroor, Taluk panchayat president Bharat Kumar Shetty, gram panchayat president Rajaram Shetty were present.


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