Cops bring IM suspect before wife, daughter

Cops bring IM suspect before wife, daughter

BENGALURU: A homeopathy doctor, arrested on charges of being an Indian Mujahideen operative, is said to have confessed to terror activities after he was brought face to face with his family members, particularly his wife, in custody, police sources said.

Cops said Saleem Ismail Afaq, 36, appeared a tough nut and maintained stoic silence for the first three days after his arrest from a Cox Town flat on January 8. His cousin and MBA student, Abdus Subur, 24, was also arrested along with him. The same day, their alleged associate, scrap dealer Saddam Hussein, 24, was picked up from Bhatkal.

“We made Afaq call up his parents and wife. Conversations with them mellowed him to some extent. Afaq broke down when he met his family, particularly wife and daughter. He then began to confess, explaining in detail his terror activities and other vital issues,” a senior police officer said.

Afaq, who married a Pakistan girl in 2005, met members of the terror outfit regularly when he went to Pakistan on the pretext of visiting his in-laws. “Afaq allegedly played a vital role in transporting explosives, building a network and finding youths for jihadi activities besides communicating with Pakistan terror outfits,” police claimed.

Afaq’s advocate Mohammed Sultan, however, refuted the police claim. He said Afaq was never allowed to meet his parents. “I don’t know whether there was a telephone chat. Police have not submitted to the court any document pertaining to the arrest and later investigation,” he told TOI.

A week later after their arrest, the trio’s associate, another Bhatkal native, Riyaz Ahmed, was nabbed from the Mangaluru airport when he was on his way to Dubai.

All the four are in police custody till February 3.


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