Murder of wife, her family: Jawan, brother surrenders

Murder of wife, her family: Jawan, brother surrenders

MADURAI: The district police are reportedly carrying out an intense interrogation of the three people arrested in connection with the murder of five members of a family on Monday.

While police say that the role of P Kamalakannan, the army man whose wife was among the murdered and who surrendered before the police after the incident, was clear, they are yet to figure out the roles of others possibly involved in the incident.

Vijayendra S Bidari, district superintendent of police, said a case had been registered against five people, including the main accused P Kamalakannan of A Thottiyapatti village near Sedapatti. Three people had been secured far, including Kamalakannan’s younger brother Paramasundar, an engineering student, and elder sister Poorankalavathy. Venkatesh, Poorankalavathy’s husband and Kamalakannan’s mother Subulakshmi might be brought in for investigation, he said.

Other than the problem between the couple and their family members, no other motive could be found so far. Kamalakannan and his wife Gomathi had parted ways and had applied for a divorce a few years ago, and were waiting for the court decision. Kamalakannan had been giving Rs 6,000 every month as alimony to his estranged wife. It was also learnt that Gomathi had sent complaints about him to his higher authorities in the army.

On the night of the incident, Gomathi, 28, her father Chinnasamy, 65, mother Ramuthayi, 55, and sisters Vanaroja, 23, and Bagyalakshmi, 35, from Mangalveru close to A Thottiyapatti were waiting to catch a bus after attending a function at a relative’s place. According to police, there was a problem between the two family members at the function as well. Kamalakannan reportedly approached his wife and family and murdered all five members.

Police have seized a country-made pistol from the army man. While he is believed to have opened fire initially, he later hacked them using a sickle, police said. However, police could not confirm whether there were bullet injuries on the bodies. That can only be known once the postmortem report is out.


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