Freedom of Press under Threat

Freedom of Press under Threat

Naveen Surinje A dynamic Journalist from Mangalore working for Kasturi Tv has been arrested on cooked up grounds by Mangalore Police just because his report on the attack on a Birthday party by Communal Police Consisting of Bajarang Dal-goons with active Collaborator of the Mangalore Police exposed the role of the Police in the attack Collaboration.

The reason for arrest of Naveen was because he spoke the truth and nothing but the thruth. When he called the Inspector of the Jurisdictational Police Station to Inform about the attack, the Inspector Concerned did not receive the  calls for nearly 15minutes,but sent his men only after half an hour, things were clear to Naveen and he revealed it to the Public.

This proved that Police had prior information of the attack. Moreover when Police reached the site the goons numbering about 30 had trespassed in to the house and were assaulting and molesting and were virtually making the girls naked. The entire act was highly Criminal but the Police were simply enjoying the scense and  Chit Chatting with the attackers.

Most Condemnable matter was, just to add insult to injury the Police did not arrest the Culprits but arrested the innocent victims under the able guidance of Mr. Seemanth Kumar the Commissioner of Police who had expressed the same day that he will teach a lessen to Naveen.because he know that his links and allegiance to a local RSS leader would be exposed.

The grievance of Seemanth Kumar or the problem of Seemanth Kumar is he is not true to his Profession, he is acting as per the directives of a RSS leader who stays in Kalladka near Puttur in Mangalore, who has been provoking Hindu youth to rebel and attack Minorities. The place where the birthday party was held is belonging to a Christian Minority lady

We appeal to all activists to Condemn and Protest the arrest all over India. Attacks on freedom of Press is on the increase,some people must rise to the occasion. You cannot allow this to happen again.


                                                                                                                                                                P.B D’Sa


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