Mangalore: Justice Michael Saldanha Demands Justice for Naveen Soorinje

Mangalore: Justice Michael Saldanha Demands Justice for Naveen Soorinje

Mangalore: Justice Michael F Saldanha held a press conference at Hotel Woodlands here on November 28.

Addressing the mediapersons Justice Saldanha said that the safety and freedom of the Journalistic fraternity in the state is seriously underminded by the police action in the case of Journalist Naveen Soorinje.

This is a case of infringement of human rights, liberty of a citizen and wrongful confinement. The constitution mandates that the courts in this country have to be not only vigilant but have to safeguard the citizens against such infringments. The duty to grant anticipatory bail and bail in cases of impending breach and actual breach are the constitutional safeguards which the law provides for. The essence of these provisions mandates that the relief has to be both speedy and effective and if this does not happen, it is a failure on the part of the subordinate judiciary


Mangalore: Naveen Soorinje Case – Justice Michael Saldanha Serves Notice on City Police

Mangalore: Naveen Soorinje Case – Justice Michael Saldanha Serves Notice on City Police

Mangalore: Justice Michael F Saldanha, retired judge of the state high court, has served a legal notice, dated November 25, regarding what he has termed as the ‘malicious and motivated arrest of journalist Naveen Soorinje, the unjustified charges levelled against him and wrongful confinement for about a month’.

CASK’s action against Justice Saldanha condemned

CASK’s action against Justice Saldanha condemned

Mangalore, November 25: The People’s Union of Civil Liberties (PUCL) and host of NGOs from Dakshina Kannada have condemned move by Catholic Association of South Kanara (CASK) to remove M F Saldanha, former HC judge from its governing council.

PUCL called the move of the association as illegal, vicious, mala fide, motivated and vindictive. “Justice Saldanha is regarded as one of the highly respected members of the Indian judiciary,” PUCL noted.

Justice Saldanha had pulled up the office-bearers and members of the association on different grounds, the first being that the association had used the underworld and the mafia to threaten him during the previous election. He had also taken the association members to task for holding a reunion party at the Mangalore Club in which a truck load of liquor smuggled in from Goa was used to treat guests. Other charges of the justice Saldanha include, the association accepting a bribe of Rs 1 crore, and keeping money ( $ 1,19,00) collected for the century fund in a personal bank account outside the country.

It is also said that the association’s annual accounts dated 4-6-2011 was published in a blank form without being signed by the president, secretary or treasurer. It was rubber-stamped on the same day by the auditor – Rudolf Rodrigues. In a reply to these charges, the association issued three circulars on June 1, 6 and 9 this year admitting the transactions and also tried to defend them.

PUCL, KKSV, KSSS pledge to intensify struggle for Naveen Soorinje

PUCL, KKSV, KSSS pledge to intensify struggle for Naveen Soorinje


Mangalore, November 10: Peoples Union for Civil Liberties (PUCL) and Karnataka Komu Souharda Vedike (KKSV) and Karavali Sauharda Sangharsha Samithi (KSSS) have pledged to intensify their efforts to ensure that justice would be done in the case of arrested telivison journalist Naveen Soorinje, in ‘homestay’ attack.

Addressing media persons here on Saturday, PUCL state president P B D’Sa said that it was not necessary for the police to have arrested the journalist when his anticipatory bail application was still pending in the court. He alleged that the intention of police in arresting Mr Soorinje was only to deny him chances of getting bail.

Bail refusal for Naveen Soorinje “failure of justice”: Justice Saldanha

Bail refusal for Naveen Soorinje “failure of justice”: Justice Saldanha

Mangalore, November 28: Justice M F Saldanha has termed the local court’s decision to refuse bail to city based television journalist Naveen Soorinje as “failure of justice” on the part of the subordinate judicial officers.


Addressing a press conference convened by People’s Union for Civil Liberties (PUCL) Karnataka, here on Wednesday, the former Karnataka High Court Judge stated that the judiciary which was supposed to safeguard the rights the law provides for had completely failed.

 “When the anticipatory bail application was made, why was the application not heard? Is the judiciary doing its duty? It is time for action. There has got to be a full-stop to it or the media will not be allowed to function,” he said

 Criticising the men in uniform for Mr Soorinje’s arrest and confinement, he said that the journalist had been targeted by the police officials. The police unit has had the arrogance to attack the journalist fraternity by arresting a first rate reporter who was doing his job. Moreover, he was falsely projected as having been absconding by the police, he said.