Unfair Priced Shop

For months the ration dealer in Palumu District, Jharkhand has not provided people with groceries. When some women complained, he threatened to not give them groceries for another six months. The women decided to lodge an FIR against dealer Lal Mani Singh.

Dealer Attacks Complainants
In retaliation, Lal Mani Singh, along with his son and nephew attacked the women with a gun and lathis. One of them, 45 year old Saraswati Devi, was brutally beaten and suffered internal chest, stomach, back and head injuries.

I am a resident of District Palumu and through CGNet swara I have started a petition telling District Magistrate Puja Singhal to take action against these culprits. 

We Need Corruption Free Ration Shops
A Fair Price Shop is part of India’s Public Distribution System(PDS) established by the Govt. of India.The PDS has been setup to distribute rations at a subsidized price to the poor.

But some dealers hoard the grains and groceries and sell them at a higher price to make a profit.

District Palumu needs a corruption free Public Distribution Shop system and strict action must be taken against dealers like Lal Mani Singh.

Join me in telling DM Puja Singhal to take action against these culprits and ensure a corruption free Public Distribution Shop system. 

Thanks in advance for taking action,

Anil Gudia via Change.org

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Corruption is killing tigers. The government is handing out forests to coal companies.

It’s the biggest scam ever. [1] Between 2004-2009 the Coal Ministry, then under the Prime Minister, allocated coal mines to companies and government bodies at a throw-away price. The loss of  10.67 lakh crores projected by the CAG doesn’t even account for forests, wildlife and the livelihood of forest communities that will be destroyedby coal mining.

Even after the scam was unearthed, forests in Mahan, in Madhya Pradesh have received provisional clearance to be destroyed for coal mining. [2] This will be followed by the destruction of other forests in Central India. The government needs to protect them instead of giving them away for free.

You are a citizen of Junglistan and you need to ask the Prime Minister to stop all new coal allocations and forest clearances until the scam has been investigated and there is a clear demarcation of areas that shouldn’t be mined.


The only way to get the PM act is to show him that lakhs in this country want him to protect their forests. In October he will be hosting an international Convention on Bio-diversity(CBD). This will be the ideal time to present him with our petition to save the forests from coal mining.

Coal is not the only way to provide electricity. Renewable energy and efficient use of the energy already available to us can save our forests from being destroyed.[3]

Many forests dependent communities are already fighting to save their forests. Join them andstrengthen the movement to protect the forests.

Help stop the destruction. Take action now.



Picture of Brikes Singh
Brikesh Singh
Greenpeace India


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Acid Attack Threat

Acid Attack Threat 

A group calling itself Jharkhand Mukti Sangh have pasted posters across Ranchi city threatening that women wearing jeans will be attacked with acid.

Police Has Not Taken Action
More shocking was the reaction from the Inspector General (IG) of Police, who stated that it was the work of “miscreants” and there was “no need to worry”.

I was shocked by the attitude of the police. I decided to take action and I have started a petition asking Inspector General of Ranchi, Mr. M.S. Bhatiya, to take action against Jharkhand Mukti Sangh.

As a woman I strongly feel that we have the right to wear what we want and move freely. Wearing clothes of our choice is our fundamental right.   

Join me in ensuring the women of Ranchi are safe from dangerous groups like the Jharkhand Mukti Sangh. Tell the Inspector General to take immediate action against those who put up these posters.

Sign my petition on Change.org asking Inspector General Ranchi Mr. M.S.Bhatiya to take action against Jharkhand Mukti Sangh for threatening people’s lives and inciting violence.

Thank You.

Pooja Tanna via Change.org

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The Women of Koodankulam

People’s Movement Against Nuclear Energy


Thirunelveli District

Tamil Nadu

 Dear Sister,

 We hope this letter finds you well. We are sure that you would have liked to hear the same from us. But today, we cannot say that even to fool you or fool this moment in history.Things are not fine with us anymore here in Idinthakarai, Tsunami Rehabilitation Colony, Koodankulam, Koottapuli, Perumanal, Koottapana, Manappad and so on. The situation in Thoothukudy where our friends fasted inside the Church in support became tense after we lost a dear brother. How can we say we feel good?

Today morning, a sister from nearby Tsunami colony was arrested as she got out of her house. We miss the unifying presence of Xavieramma, the quick and efficient Sundari and the slight Selvi who have been taken to a destination that is unknown. Our homes painstakingly built up with hard earned money and effort have been broken down, with utensils and almirahs thrown out and trampled upon. Many of us are not able to go back there and evaluate what has been lost or destroyed. Our friend Inita was hurt badly. So too, many children. The worst part is the fear that now fills the eyes of our small ones. As all this was happening, many of us were paralysed by the cries of the tiny tots whom we had to carry, drag and run in the sand.

We hear that 60 of our friends from Koodankulam are in jail somewhere. It seems improbable that 20 men who were undergoing treatment for injuries in hospitals have not come back home after being discharged, but that is the truth. We have no drinking water supply since 48 hours and electric supply is intermittent. We are on a 48 hour fast too. The friends from Thoothukudy are ready to bring us rice and other provisions, but they have not been able to reach us because of road blocks. Our children have not gone to school. They have not been bathed or fed properly since the 9th evening. We feel uncomfortable and scared to go to our own homes. Have you ever had that feeling?

Now we are sitting and sleeping in the comfort of each other and the security of the Samara pandal which has been our second home for over an year. But for how long?

Many would say we brought it on ourselves and have no right to complain. But what other way did we have? To agree to the commissioning of the Koodankulam Power Plant? After knowing that it will spew 50 trillion Becquerels of radio nuclides every year into the air and discharge 70 tons of water at temperatures varying between 36- 45 degree centigrade? Would you have felt good to be one of the 2000 living less than 900 metres away from the Plant? After seeing the Fukushima disaster and images from Chernobyl, how could we agree to all this just close by? Many say we have been brainwashed and misled. Yes, ignorance is bliss. But not in this case. We are glad to be informed and to know with clarity about what could be in store for us. This alone has empowered us and strengthened our resolve not to allow the commissioning of the Nuclear Plant.

We hear that instead of immediately withdrawing the police force and initiating a decent dialogue with us, many were talking about the foreign funds and the poor illiterate people that we are supposed to be. At this stage at least when we are back to the wall, please do not refer to us so. We have built up this movement with our daily toil. We are proud of this. We are not afraid of hard, honest work as long as the sea and land is there.

We reiterate our earlier request and demands even now:

1.Please intervene and stop all police force in and around the villages. We do not intend to commit any violence. We know that violence begets violence. We value our life and peace.

2. Please stop the commissioning of the Koodankulam Nuclear Power Plant immediately after engaging in a dialogue with us. We know that it is unsafe and the energy so produced is uneconomical and unnecessary.

3. Please engage in a national level talk on other sources of energy that are in surplus in our country.

4. Release all our friends and family arrested and kept in jails / withdraw all false cases against them.

5. Please ensure that we would be able to live in our homes without fear and that basic amenities like water and electricity will not be disrupted.

Do have the boldness and honesty to come here and see for yourself the beauty and simplicity of our lives. This is the time we need you. Please break the barricades and hindrances that have been created and walk in fearlessly to see us here. Please act and intervene as fast as possible. We cannot afford to lose one more life, scare one more child, break one more house anymore….

Do stand by truth, justice and womanhood

September 12, 2012


Usha  The situation in Koodamkulam is really terrible. My friend who translated this letter request all of us to gather support to this struggle


KARAIKAL 609 602.
Mobile: 97516 70140 ;  94425 93448

Forwarded Message 2:

From Nityanand Jayaraman nity682@gmail.com

I spoke to Sagaya Initha, a resident of Tsunami Colony, ward councillor and a prominent activist in the local anti-nuclear movement. This is what she had to say:
“Last evening, I was at the Lourdu Matha church with the protest. The police entered Tsunami colony and went on a rampage. At least three houses have been badly damaged. Children’s ear-rings and other small jewellery have been stolen. The window panes in at least 25 houses have been destroyed. They have been beating up just about any youth that walks by. Two people were arrested. The cycle parked in front of my house is broken. But now, looking around me and seeing the extent of damage to other people’s property, I feel that my loss is not that significant. The police has opened cup-boards and almirahs and pulled out people’s clothes. Has the police department been instructed to loot our property? Are they police or dacoits?”


Neeraj Jain, Lokayat
Flat No. 20, Building No. A-3,
Ishanya Nagari, Warje,
Pune – 411 058
Ph. Mobile 094222 20311
Landline: 020-25231251

Partial Victory

P.B> –

Partial Victory
Thanks to the determination of the 51 villagers who stood in water for 17 days, the Chief Minister has been forced to listen to their demands. He has promised to lower the water level of Omkareshwar dam and compensate those whose land was submerged. A grievance redressal committee will also be set up to listen to people’s demands.

Protests Continue
Protests continue at Indira Sagar dam in Harda district even as protesters were forcefully pulled out of water and jailed. Later they were released and they are continuing their protests for rehabilitation.

Petition Delivery on 21st
More than 14,500 people have signed the petition so far and I’ll be personally delivering the petition with all your signatures to members of the grievance redressal committee on International Peace Day.

Sign My Petition

Compensate and rehabilitate people affected by Omkareshwar, IndiraSagar Dam