Activists demand ownership rights for Valmiki Colony residents

Members of the All India Shri Valmiki Young Men’s Association Pauri unit have demanded that the municipal board employees should be given the ownership rights to the homes they have been occupying for the past 50 years in the Valmiki colony.

A delegation under the Uttarakhand president of the association, Banarasi Das Gaur met the district magistrate to submit this and other demands. Gaur pointed out that the homes which were given to the municipal employees were not constructed by the Municipal Board and the board is charging rent on these houses for the last 50-60 years due to which the cost of the house has been realised by the board. He demanded that the ownership right to the homes be accorded to the occupants who have been living in these homes for nearly half a century.

The Kotdwar municipality also converted such staff accommodations to freehold property to facilitate ownership rights to the long time occupants. Similar steps should be taken by the Pauri municipality in consultation with the Social Welfare officer.

The delegation of association members also demanded execution of the pending demands of the Valmiki community which includes the construction of light vehicle road from Agency to Valmiki Basti, construction of the pending play ground, removal of trees posing danger to homes, increasing the budget for Valmiki Jayanti celebration from Rs 20,000 to Rs 30,000, increasing the number of sanitation workers according to the population and according priority to women for these posts and registry of the land in the name of 33 members of the Valmiki community who received the land from the municipal board.

The association also demanded an enquiry into alleged misuse of Rs eight lakh for the renovation of Valmiki Ashram and temple in addition to which the vacant posts of sweepers should be filled in all departments. The municipal board president, executive officer, SDM and members of the association were also present in the meeting.


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