Consultation Towards India’s Second Universal Periodic Review By Working Group On Human Rights

Consultation Towards India’s Second Universal Periodic Review By Working Group On Human Rights


On 26, 27, and 28  a review meeting of human right position in India was conducted at Bangalore by the working group on human rights in India and UN  and South India cell for human rights and monitoring.  45 human rights organisations  from Tamil Nadu, Telugu Desham, Kerala and Karnataka attended these deliberations and reviewed  the human right setuation in the sourthern region of India.  Separate  delibrations are conducted simultaneously for northern, eastern and  western region of India. The final national consultation will be held from 12 and 13th of October 2011.


The deligates  recorded in detail the situation under the following four  heads:

  1. 1.   Access to justice
  2. 2.   Economic , social and cultural rights and the right to development
  3. 3.   Discrimination
  4. 4.   Human rights defenders


The participants concentrated on the violation against dalits, indigenous people economically disadvantaged women, children and Muslims and other minorites, persons with disabilities, lesbians,  gay, bisesual transgender people. As well as  tribals and displaced persons.


The first universal periodic review of human rights situation  in the World by the member countries of united nation was held in the year 2008. This is the second 2nd review. The process will continue every 4 years. 


The concluding session was attended by Justice S.R. NAYAK Chairman of SHRC  and Mr. Samuel Paul founder director of IIM Ahmadabad.


Once the report is finalised at Delhi the same will go to the human right council of United Nation and will be published  all over the world.


The general impression gained by the participants  was that the human rights position in India has become worst during the last 4 years. The attacks on human right defenders custodial deaths, fake encounters  are on the increase. communalism and moral policing and displacement of triabals from their century old a abode is a recent menace which is breaking the democratic frabic of India .






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