PUCL West Bengal Observed Anti-Emergency Day

West Bengal PUCL:

PUCLWest Bengal Observed Anti-Emergency Day

democracy, no development can

takes place. On the other hand

without basic development of the

living standard of the 90%

countrymen, Democracy and Human

Rights could not be restored. He also

said that since 1948 the violation of

human rights took place in our

country by displacement of the

people without rehabilitation in the

name of development and Public

interest. In 1948 at the time of laying

foundation stone at the site of

Hirakud river valley project, the first

prime minister of India Jawaharlal

Nehru delivered speech to the

residents of this area saying” If you

have to suffer, you should do so in

the interest of the country”. Noted

Gandhian Morarji Desai also

threatened to the pong dam oustees

that ‘We will request you to move

from your houses after the dam

comes up. If you move, it will be

good. Otherwise we shall release the

waters and drown you all’. Citing

these instances, Mr. Mukherjee

expresses grave concern where

agricultural lands are being snatched

away from the farmers for


Book Published on Binayak Sen

Recently PUCL West Bengal has published a book in Bengali titled ‘Kala Kanoon O Dr. Binayak Sen’ written by

its State Convener, Ananda Mukhopadhyay. The Book was dedicated to Smt Anasuya Sen, the mother of Dr.

Binayak Sen. The book consisting of several writings including ‘who is Dr. Sen’, ‘Dr. Sen : Victim of State

atrocity’, and ‘UAPA : Fundamental rights is at stake’.

Writings of Justice Rajindar Sachar, Prof. Amartya Sen, Mr. Ram Jethmalani, Mr. Soli Sorabjee, and Press

statement issued by All India PUCL and West Bengal PUCL took place in the annexure part of this book. This

book is available with the state office of PUCL West Bengal. –Ananda Mukherjee, Convener, PUCL WB   􀀀

A public meeting was organised

under the auspices of Peoples Union

for Civil Liberties (PUCL) and Lok

Andolan Gujarat at Kocharab

Ashram, Ahmedabad under the

chairmanship of Prakash N Shah.

The programme took a serious note

of the fact that the people are feeling

suffocated owing to the emergence

of undeclared emergency, which is

taking away the democratic and

human rights of the citizens. The

following resolution was passed.

In Gujarat, the process of

globalisation and liberalization

together with mentality of so called

nationalism are disrupting the regime

of law and order. On the other hand,

the victims of communal riots and

those displaced by the development

Gujarat PUCL:

Anti- Emergency Programmes held in Ahmedabad and Baroda

are waiting for rehabilitation. People

at large feel distressful against

problems like price rise,

unemployment, commercialisation of

education and health service. As if

this is not enough, a new kind of

emergency has been added by

depriving the people in the grab of

development. In the name of

development and industrialization.

Farm land of thousands of farmers

are snatched away and given in

largesse to the industrialists. The

fertile and high value land is being

acquired by the government in

Gujarat and country at large in the

name of SEZ or some other industry.

In this situation, wherever and

whenever people voice their

resentment then Govt. has a

tendency to neglect and crush such

protests. By disregarding peoples

basic needs and their fundamental

rights, trumpets of development are

being blown. Today, the women are,

at every stage, being made victims

of rape, women’ feticide, insecurity,

sexual harassment, humiliation,

unequal wages etc. in some large

number of regions there problem of

drinking water, and elsewhere the

question of their respect and equality

and at the other lack of security in

their day to day life.

In the state, the Government

cunningly created a situation of

undeclared emergency. Anti people

policies framed by it are shattering

the lives of the people. In regard to

rights of the labourers, poor farmers,

industrialization and real estate

business without rehabilitating the

displaced persons or giving them

sufficient compensation, which

resulted 13.1 lack tones overall food

shortages in the last five years in

West Bengal. He also spoke against

all the black laws including UAPA,

AFSPA, and Chhattisgarh Special

Public Security Act citing them

undemocratic and unconstitutional

and urged the audience to support

the movement of PUCL demanding

immediate repeal of all draconian

laws in our country.

Another speaker noted sociologist

and veteran member of PUCL Dr

Sajal Basu claimed that death due

to hunger and malnutrition is the

basic problem of our country in

present times whereas the govt

claimed 9% growth in GDP. It is very

shameful when food grains are left

for rotting in the godowns even after

the direction of Hon’ble Supreme

court of India to distribute it within

the poorest of the poor. Dr. Binayak

Sen has been working on these basic

issues from grassroots level at

Chhattisgarh from long days before,

he said. Where 78 % people of India

still lives with income of less than

twenty rupees per day, is it called

development at all, he asked.

Noted anthropologist Dr. Pashupati

Prasad Mahato started his speech

narrating how the soil of the sons

(tribals) have been exploited in this

country since before independence

period and were forced to migrate to

the tea gardens of North Bengal as

low wage labour from different parts

of Bengal mainly from Purulia,

Bankura and Midnapur, how the tribal

people are still living in hunger of half

fed condition every day. The cultural

ragging as well as cultural

exploitation is still continuing upon

them as the result of casteism. How

many adivasis have become V.Cs

in the different universities in West

Bengal since independence, he

questioned. Besides his speech Dr.

Mahato hypnotized the audience by

singing several tribal songs popularly

called “jhumur” which depicted the

day to day problems of livelihood,

sadness, exploitation and torture

upon the tribal people of jungle mahal

from the time of indigo plantation,

as narrated in the famous novel

“Nildarpan” written by Dinabandhu

Mitra. The programme was presided

by Mr. Samarjit Banerjee. A vote of

thanks was given by the joint

convener of the West Bengal PUCL

Mr. Amlan Bhattacharjee.

Ananda Mukherjee, Convener PUCL

West Bengal   􀀀


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