[IHRO] Killing in cold blood~AILAF to NHRC

National Human Rights’ Commission (NHRC) doubts the official version about the death of Sasadhar Mahato, a Maoist Leader ~ Sk Sadr Nayeem (Dainik Statesman 26.03.2011)

The full bench of the Commission, upon receipt of accusation from (AILAF) All India Legal Aid Forum’s Advocate Jaideep Mukherjee, that Sasadhar Mahato was shot in cold blood by the Police, but claimed same as ‘encounter death’, has called for all files and detailed facts about the case within 5 days from the Chief Secretary, Govt. of West Bengal. AILAF accuses that in the name of curbing Maoists, the Joint force with the help of the police and accompanied by police-dress-wearing harmads are killing members/sympathizers of opposition parties in cold blood. That though it was claimed that Sasadhar died after exchange of fire from both sides, the firing was from one side only, viz. the side of the joint forces as proved by the facts that none among the force was remotely injured and that Sasadhar was killed by firing aiming at his neck, from a very close range.

The NHRC has also cleared the standing in election by Chatradhar Mahato, brother of Sasadhar, who is currently lodged in jail under the draconian law of UAPA (Unlawful Activities’ Prevention Act), because as a leader of the PSBJC(Pollici-Santras-Birodhi-Janaganer Committee), he was leading a movement against the atrocities carried out by the joint forces on innocent adivasis on the plea of curbing Maoist activities. AILAF had represented to the Commission that neither the state nor the central govt. has declared PSBJC as proscribed, so u/s 14 & 21 of Indian Constitution, PSBJC members cannot be obstructed from contesting in an election. The govt. may have accused them but they have not been found to be guily. So NHRC has clearly declared that there is no bar to their contesting in an election.


Fw: [IHRO] Re: [india-unity] Attack on Swami Agnivesh and others in Dantewada, Chhatisgarh

PUCL Statement condemning the assault on Swami Agnivesh and the state sponsored mob-rule in Chhattsigarh


26th March, 2011

People’s Union for Civil Liberties unambiguously condemns the 26th March (Friday morning) attack on Swami Agnivesh and two Art of Living teachers, Ajay Singh and  Rishi Milind, near Dornapal village in Dantewada in Chattisgarh, who were on a peace and fact-finding mission.

Swami Agnivesh and his companions reached Sukma town, in Dantewada district late on 25th March 2011. In the early hours of 26th March they left for Chintagupha village enroute to Tadmetla, Morpalli and Timapuram villages which had been attacked by Koya commandoes and the infamous COBRA forces of the Chhattisgarh police force on the 11th and 16th of March, burning down 300 houses, killing five people and raping  three women in separate incidents.

Swami Agnivesh and his companions were manhandled and abused by a crowd comprising of three hundred women and men from the Dornapal Salwa Judum camp and also from the Erabore village relief camp. The tyres of Swami Agnivesh’s car were deflated, their laptops snatched, the supplies he was carrying for the victims of these villages was taken away. Although Swamiji tried his best to dialogue with the people who were causing obstruction yet they refused to talk. The laptops were handed over later to Swamiji and he returned to Sukma in the morning itself.

Demanding Arrests and a CBI enquiry into the attack on the Tribals

According to the PUCL the attack on Swami Agnivesh is a part of the Chhattisgarh Government’s design to prevent any information of its operation Green Hunt against the Tribals of that region from coming out into the open. This is a clear example of the impunity that exists for the police and paramilitary forces in that area. We demand filing of criminal cases and the arrests of the police personnel and SPOs who led and carried out the attack against the villagers on 11th and 16th March 2011. We also demand similarly the arrests of persons who attacked Swamiji today.

We also demand a CBI enquiry into the incident of 11th and16th March and the announcement and reaching of a complete rehabilitation package for the affected people on the same guidelines as ordered by the SC in this regard.

Attack on Commissioner, District Collector and SDM condemned.

The PUCL also condemns the incident of two days earlier where the laudable effort of Bastar Commissioner Sh. Srinivasulu and District Collector of Dantewada R. Prasanna who were trying to visit and reach relief to the three affected villages was obstructed at Pollampalli by the residents of the Salwa Judum camp before Chinatagupha on March 24th. The SPOs also refused to clear the passage saying that they would only take instructions from the DIG, S.R.P. Kalluri. According to eyewitnesses the officers got their own security men to clear the obstruction and then moved on with the supplies. However, on reaching Chintagupha they were instructed by their superiors in Raipur not to go ahead. Not compromising on his duty towards the people the Collector got the supplies escorted by the SDM, Sh. SP Vaid, to the three villages where four lac Rupees were also distributed to the resident of Tadmetla along with ration and other essentials. On his way back the SDM was also manhandled and abused at Polampalli by the same group of people and also given life threats asking why he had tried to reach relief.

State Sponsored mob-rule in Dantewada

The PUCL is of the understanding that this is not the first time that journalists and activists and researchers have been attacked and prevented from entering that area. Since 2009, when the operation Green Hunt took off, the Chhattisgarh Government through the Salwa Judum, SPOs and victims of Maoist violence has continuously tried to deny access of people, activists, journalists into the area under garb of “a spontaneous reaction” of the people towards the visitors, thus openly sponsoring mob rule. On 15th December, 2009 when women’s groups from all over the country tried to go to Dantewada to examine the Samsetti rape case and meet the victim, they were prevented from going and harassed so severely by the Salwa Judum mob and SPOs that they had to abandon their trip and return.

From the 29th of December 2009 to the 1st of January 2010, Professors Nandini Sundar and Ujjwal Singh were forced to vacate their hotel in Dantewada, were stopped outside Sukma for over two hours, refused rooms in Sukma hotels and had to face the humiliation by SPOs bursting into their rooms in a college hostel and followed wherever they went. Similarly on 6th January, 2010 when a team of over 35 people from all over the country led by Medha Patkar tried to participate in a public hearing on atrocities on the Tribals by police forces, not only were the Tribals arrested and taken away but the team of people were also harassed by the throwing of eggs and tomatoes on the streets of Dantewada. In April 2010 a team led by Prof Yashpal along with more than forty intellectuals faced the same harassment in Dantewada.

It is well known that the journalists are not allowed to go into areas to report, they have faced risks from all sides and have tried to keep a flow of information but there are several such instances, the latest being the obstruction of reporters of the Times of India and the The Hindu on 20th-21st March when they tried to go to the same area to study the attack on the Tribals and they were prevented and had to take the dirt roads and reach the villages.

Prabhakar Sinha (President)

Mahi Pal Singh (National Secretary)

Kavita Srivastava (National Secretary)

PUCL National Office:
270-A, Ground Floor, Patpar Ganj, Mayur Vihar-I, Delhi-110091
Ph. 011-22750014, 09810656100


Agitated crowd attack Swami Agnivesh in Chhattisgarh


Posted: Mar 26, 2011 at 1025 hrs IST

Dornapal (Dantewada) Agitated crowd, comprising of women and a group of SpecialPolice Officers (SPOs), threw eggs at social activist Swami Agnivesh, hurled abuses, pulled him out of his car, pushed him around and forced him to return as he was proceeding towards Tadmetla near Chintalnar where the security forces had allegedly set more than a 100 houses ablaze following the death of their three colleagues in an encounter with Maoists on March 14.Swami Agnivesh, accompanied by Acharya Rishi and other representatives of Art of Living, had left the rest house at Sukma early in the morning on their way to Chintalnar to meet the people whose houses where burnt by the security forces and to provide relief material to them. Unknown people, suspected to be SPOs belonging to the Koya Commandos, followed the three member delegation and the media personnel accompanying Swamy in vehicles without number plates throughout the nearly 40 Kms stretch up to Dornapal. 

A large number of people, including women, were present at Dornapal crossing, blocking the road that leads to Chintalnar. As Swamy Agnivesh’s vehicle stopped, few people gathered around his vehicle and shouted “Are we all animals? Don’t we have anyhuman rights?  See these women. They are widows of Errabore, where the Maoists had set ablaze a relief camp killing more than 33 people few years ago”.

Even as few people were shouting at Swamy Agnivesh and others, few women forcibly opened the vehicle’s door and pulled him out and pushed him around while a group of youths searched his vehicle and took away bags and other valuables. These youths also snatched camera, mobile phones and bags from a couple of media personnel and pushed them accusing the media of playing into the hands of rights activists and directly and indirectly supporting the Maoists. The youth, apparently SPOs, were alert to ensure that no photographs are taken.

“Where were you when 76 security personnel were massacred by the Maoists at Tadmetla in April last year? Where were you when the Naxalites set the relief camp on firefew years and burnt 33 people, including children, alive few years ago?”, the agitated crowed threw questions at Swamy Agnivesh, Art of Living Gurus and at the media personnel accompanying them.

Agnivesh’s reply that he and others had always condemned all acts of violence provoked the agitators, including women, who hurled abuses at them raising slogans “ Pakdi wale vapas jao”. The people also deflated the tyres of the vehicles, saying that they would not allow them to proceed to Chintalnar. However, someone in the crowd was heard asking the youth the return the belongings, including those of media personnel, before they could return.

Later, the mob took Swamy Agnivesh and others to their vehicle and forced them to leave. A group of tribal women and others got on to other vehicles and followed his vehicle for about 20 Kms so as to ensure that the team did not return to Dornapal. The people also snatched blankets and other materials which were meant to the distributed to the people of three villages whose houses were burnt down in the second week of this month.

After Swami Agnivesh and others left, the villages blocked National Highway 30—which connects Chhattisgarh and Andhra Pradesh—to prevent movement of people towards Chintalnar.

As everyone was returning to block headquarters Sukma, this correspondent got a call on cell phone and the female voice on the other side identified herself as Comrade Niti, commander of CPI (Maoist) East Batar Divisional Committee. She read out a statement condemning the burning of houses by the security forces and communicated CPI (Maoist) decision to call a bandh in April against the “police brutalities”. She said there would be an “economic blockade” next month but schools, hospitals and colleges and other essential services would be exempted.

Comrade Niti and her team had abducted five policemen few months ago and later they were released after Swami Agnivesh, Rights activist Gautam Navlaka mediated for their release from captivity.

Apart from Dornapal, hundreds of people, who are staying in the relief camps at Errabore and Pollampalli, had gathered on the way from Dornapal to Chintalnar to prevent Swamy Agnivesh and media personnel from reaching Tadmetla. Most of the relief camps—which were set up by thegovernment after the Salwa Judum movement— are being guarded by the Special Police Officers (SPOs), the local youth recruited on honorarium basis, to assist the security forces.

“Every action seemed that someone had taught them to do so. I am going back to Sukma and wait to talk to Chief Minister Raman Singh. Suspicious people are following us in vehicles without number plates. What does it mean? “, Swami Agnivesh told the Indian Express while returning from Dornapal.

The situation in this entire tribal region is tense for more than a week—resembling a police Raj– as the security personnel, mostly SPOs belonging to the Koya Commando are carrying out searches of vehicles to prevent outsiders from visiting Tadmetla, Morpalli and Timmapuram villages. Media personnel from Andhra Pradesh as well as Chhattisgarh were not allowed to proceed to these villages, citing one reason or the other and drivers are being threatened not to take any passengers to the area.

Even the local government staff is scared of the SPOs said a group of government staff, who went to these villages yesterday to supply relief material and food to the affected tribals, were threatened by the SPOs not the visit this area again. “SPOs have become reckless. Somehow we managed to return to Dornapal”, a government who accompanied the team said.

The latest incident of burning of houses has resulted in escalation of tension in the area with the local, supported by the police and the SPOs, on one side and the Maoists and their supporters on the other side.

Peace Is Doable

[IHRO] FW: NHRC – NOTICE – Tp appear befpore Full Commission on 29th March 2011 – Reply regarding

Subject: FW: NHRC – NOTICE – T0 appear before Full Commission on 29th March 2011 – Reply regarding

Dear Colleagues,

Do find enclosed and below the reply to a notice that the NHRC has sent me for asking for them to intervene in the case of Dr. Binayak Sen in the High Court at Bilaspur and now before the SC. Do circulate it far and wide to know the attitude of the NHRC to HRDs and intervention on their behalf in reality.


This e-mail and any files transmitted with it are for the sole use of the intended recipient(s) and may contain confidential and privileged information. If you are not the intended recipient, please contact the sender by reply e-mail and destroy all copies and the original message. Any unauthorized review, use, disclosure, dissemination, forwarding, printing or copying of this email or any action taken in reliance on this e-mail is strictly prohibited and may be unlawful. The recipient acknowledges that People’s Watch or the Institute of Human Rights Education or Sudhanthra, are unable to exercise control or ensure or guarantee the integrity of/over the contents of the information contained in e-mail transmissions and further acknowledges that any views expressed in this message are those of the individual sender and no binding nature of the message shall be implied or assumed unless the sender does so expressly with due authority of People’s Watch. Before opening any attachments please check them for viruses and defects.

Mr. Sunil Arora

Deputy Registrar (Law)

National Human Rights Commission

Faridkot House

Copernicus Marg

New Delhi 110 001.

Dear Mr. Sunil Arora

Ref: Your notice No. NGO/NHRC/2011/FC dated 28.2.2011 summoning me to appear before the Commission on 29th March, 2011 at 11.00 AM – Regarding.

I am in receipt of your notice referred above, addressed to myself and 7 others.  I wish to bring to your kind attention that some of the members addressed in this notice, namely,  Mr. Abhay Shukla, Ms. Maja Daruwala along with me, are members of the National Core Group of NGOs of this Honourable Commission. To my knowledge there is nobody called Sri Bharat Chintan and in fact Bharat Chintan is an E.Mail group.  The person referred as Sri Ingrid Shrinath in serial No. 3 of the notice is the Secretary General of CIVICUS and she is actually Ms. Ingrid Shrinath and based in South Africa.  Sri Mohana Sundaram referred serial No. 7 is the Executive Assistant to Ms. Maja Daruwala, the Executive Director of Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative (CHRI).

I wish to bring to your kind attention that I had addressed a letter to Mr. Money IAS with a copy to the Hon’ble Chairperson and Members of the Commission and copied it to the Members of the National Core Group of NGOs of the NHRC.  I had addressed the Honourable Commission on behalf of the Human Rights Defenders Alert – India of which I am the Honorary National Working Secretary. This was a letter to the Secretary General of the NHRC because the case of Dr. Binayak Sen, a human rights defender of international repute was to be heard on 24th of January, 2011 at Bilaspur in the State of Chattishgargh.

I also wish to bring to your kind attention a mail that was received by all of us in the National Core Group of NGOs of the NHRC on the 8th December, 2010 circulated to us by Ms. J.P. Meena, the Joint Secretary of the NHRC containing the statement of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Ms. Navi Pillay for Human Rights Day. In her letter she has expressed her deepest concern for Human Rights Defenders as follows, and it is important for us to read the same :

We owe the progress we have made to the enormous efforts of hundreds of thousands of largely unsung heroes, known collectively as human rights defenders…..

We can all be human rights defenders, and ~ given how much we owe to others for the rights many of us now take for granted — we all should be human rights defenders. At the very least, we should do our utmost to support those who do defend human rights. Every year, thousands of human rights defenders are harassed, abused, unjustly jailed and murdered. That is why Human Rights Day 2010 is dedicated to Human Rights Defenders and their courageous battle to slop discrimination of all sorts. We need to stand up for their rights as much as they stand up for ours.

Some of those who are unjustly detained become the subject of international efforts to win their freedom. This spotlight can provide them with a significant measure of physical protection, even if it does not always win them a speedy release. But most of those detained by repressive authorities languish largely unnoticed in jails, under house arrest, in ‘re-education centres.’ Often their families are targeted as well.

One important set of statistics is missing: we have no idea how many human rights defenders there are, or how many of them are intimidated, harassed, beaten up, jailed or killed each year. We have also failed to develop ways to measure their successes, which are often credited not to them but to the politicians or governments that finally listen to them or give in to their pressure. We need to do a much better job of defending our defenders.

The 21st century is witnessing the emergence of new economic and political forces, which, like others before them, will face the responsibility of promoting development at home and abroad while at the same time being held accountable for their actions. Human rights defenders will play a crucial role in this process, by pointing out flaws and benefits in current and future policies and actions. Yet, despite the benefits they bring to society, in some parts of the world they are facing increased harassment, persecution and restrictions on their activities, especially freedom of speech…….”

In the last meeting of the National Core Group of NGOs of the NHRC, we the members had made it a point to bring it to the attention of the Honourable Commission of its statutory duty mandated under the Protection of Human Rights Act 1993 to intervene before the Courts using the provision of Sec. 12 (b) of the Protection of Human Rights Act. It is this mandatory responsibility on the part of the Honourable Commission of intervening in any proceeding involving any allegation of violation of human rights pending before a Court with the approval of such Court as contained U/S 12(b) of the Protection of Human Rights Act that we were respectfully reminding through our independent letters to this Honourable Commission.  This Honourable Commission, as a duly recognized National Human Rights Institution has, in addition, the duty to protect Human Rights Defenders.  The international and national human rights community have all been agitated that the norms and standards of fair trial that are to be followed in the Criminal Courts were not followed in the Trial Court at Raipur.  It is to be recalled that the members of the National Core Group of NGOs of the NHRC had even at the time of trial in the years 2009 and 2010, reminded the Honourable Commission to undertake certain interventions or trial observation of the trial of this case.  Now the matter is in appeal and it is the appellate Court which is hearing the appeal against the conviction of Dr. Binayak Sen .

In addition to the appeal, the Court is also hearing a bail petition that has already been filed.  Since this matter deals with a high profile Human Rights Defender of this country we were seeking the urgent intervention of this Honourable Court in the proceedings to  independently put forth its arguments supporting the release on bail of the Human Rights Defender in question.

In case this Honourable Commission is to come to the conclusion that it would not like to intervene before the concerned appellate court, it still could officially nominate its own representative of a very high ranking law officer to officially observe the proceedings in the Court.  This is also an opportunity for this Honourable Commission to demonstrate its commitment to the cause of Human Rights Defenders and hence we had made this appeal.

But it is unfortunate that the appeal that has been made by us in our different capacities only reminding this Honourable Commission of its statutory responsibility, has now been converted into a “complaint” where we are “summoned”. We wish the Honourable Commission to only respond to its statutory responsibility mandated under the Protection of Human Rights Act as well as the various mandates by the UN Human Rights Council and other UN bodies reminding National Human Rights Institutions of their role to protect and promote the rights of Human Rights Defenders.

In addition on the 29th March, 2011 I will be in Bangkok in a pre-fixed engagement attending the Executive Committee Meeting of Forum Asia, a regional human rights organization and therefore I wish that the Honourable Commission would understand my personal inability to be present before the Commission on that day.

I do hope that the matter is not adjourned to another date on the 29th . On  the contrary, when the matter ( Dr. Binayak Sen’s application ) is to be heard now by the Supreme Court in the days to come, that the Honourable NHRC would be there to provide its own considered opinion to the Court.  It is such pro-active steps for the protection of the rights of Human Rights Defenders that the larger Human Rights Defenders Community in this country expects from the Honourable National Human Rights Commission at this juncture. We do hope that no further time is lost in such formalities of notices and responses and that the urgency is understood and Dr. Binayak Sen’s  release is secured early and later his case thoroughly analysed and defended by the National Human Rights Commission, independent of his own criminal appeal. Let the country at large know that human rights defenders will also be simultaneously ‘defended’ by the NHRC of India for the costs they bear.

The opportunity to create a new jurisprudence for human rights defenders, a jurisprudence strongly in favor of HRDs, cannot wait any longer than now.  Let this historical opportunity not be missed by this Honourable Commission.

We do hope that you will acknowledge the receipt of this letter and ensure that it is formally placed before the Honourable Commission for their due consideration and positive action on the 29th of March, 2011.

Thanks and regards,

Yours sincerely,


Honorary National Working Secretary, Human Rights Defenders’ Alert – India (HRDA – India) ,

Honorary National Working Secretary, All India Network of Individuals and Organizations working with NHRIs (AiNNI),

Member , National Core Group of NGOs of the NHRC and

Executive Director, People’s Watch

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From: yogesh misra [mailto:ycmisra69@gmail.com]
Sent: 01 March 2011 13:07
To: henri@pwtn.org
Subject: NOTICE


Kirity Roy
Banglar Manabadhikar Suraksha Mancha
National Convenor (PACTI)
Programme Against Custodial Torture & Impunity
40A, Barabagan Lane (4th Floor)
Balaji Place
PIN- 712203
Fax – +91-33-26220843
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[IHRO] DG of BSF ordered not to use lethal weapon, so they kill by torture [1 Attachment


The Chairman

National Human Rights Commission

Faridkot House

Copernicus Marg

New Delhi-110001

Respected Sir,

We received information that one Pintu Sk., son of  Nazrul Islam of village Arol Para, Police Station-Raninagar District-Murshidabad was brutally tortured to death by the perpetrator Border Security Force jawans of Char Mourasi BSF Camp on 11.3.2011. Basing on the preliminary information received from our fact finding team, it is revealed that the victim along with some other persons were caught by the perpetrator Border Security Force personnel with some cattle. Then the said BSF personnel started beating them by their rifle butts and kicking them by their boots mercilessly. As a result of which the victim became senseless. Many persons witnessed the torture however they are feeling insecure to disclose their names. We can provide the commission the details of the witnesses if the commissions secures that the will be given appropriate protection to their lives and limbs. The victim’s brother lodged complaint at police station making allegation of commission of murder by the perpetrator BSF personnel and police started one criminal case against the perpetrator BSF jawans and police investigation is still pending.

It is important to mention in this regard that on 11.03.2011 Director General of the Border Security Force (India) Raman Srivastava in a joint press conference with the Director General of Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) Maj Gen Rafiqul Islam declared that the BSF will be equip with non lethal weapons in order to stop killing in the bordering areas http://www.thedailystar.net/newDesign/news-details.php?nid=177508. MASUM welcomed this announcement whole heartedly and expect that this step will decrease extra judicial killings in border areas. However this incident proves that banning on using lethal weapons cannot only by itself be able to stop extra judicial killings because the BSF personnel can commit extra judicial killings in bordering areas even without arms. Like in this case no lethal weapons has been used however the BSF commit an extra judicial killing by a brutal way.

The facts of the case invites urgent intervention of the Commission as prima facie there are allegation that that the victim was murdered by the perpetrator BSF jawans without any justification under the law in their custody.

Hence we seek your urgent intervention in the following:-

  • ·         The whole matter must be investigated by the investigation wing of the Commission as the local police is now connived with the BSF for various ‘reasons’.
  • ·         Moreover the investigation of the police case initiated from the side of the victim’s family against the perpetrator BSF jawans must be done in accordance with the guidelines issued by the Commission in case of custodial death.
  • ·         Judicial Magistrate enquiry must be held under section 176(1-A) of Criminal Procedure Code as the victim allegedly died in the custody of the perpetrator BSF jawans.
  • ·         The victim’s family must be given adequate reparation, support and protection.
  • ·         The BSF and the state government must follow the guidelines on “Custodial Death” laid down by your commission.

Yours faithfully

Kirity Roy

Secretary, MASUM

National Convenor, PACTI

Name of the victim: – Pintu Sk. (deceased), son of Nazrul Sk., aged about-19 years, by faith-Muslim, by profession- Mason (working in Kerala), resided at village-Arolpara under Katlamari G.P., Police Station-Raninagar, District-Murshidabad, West Bengal, India

Name of the Perpetrators: – The on-duty Border Security Force jawans posted on 11.03.2011 under Char Moirosi BSF Camp, Battalion- 119, Police Station-Raninagar, District-Murshidabad.

Time and Date of incident: – 11/03/2011 at about 3:45 am.

Place of incident: – Near 62/s IBP under Char Moirosi B.O.P Battalion Number 119 BSF.

Case Details:-

The victim Pintu Sk was working as a Mason at Kelara. He returned to his home village at 7.03.2010 from Kerala. On 11.03.2010 from 11 am onwards some smugglers tried to smuggle cattle to Bangladesh near the 62/s IBP under Char Moirosi B.O.P Battalion Number 119 Border Security Force. It was alleged the victim was present there accompanied with 3 other companions, each of them had a couple of cows with them and all were trying to smuggle them to Bangladesh through Mohanganj Kargil area. According one of the said companions of the victim at least 200-250 persons were there at the Mohangunj Kargil area with the same intention to smuggle cattle. BSF detained about 200 cattle which were illegally tried to be exported to Bangladesh at that night.  It is revealed during our fact finding that the victim with another 3 companions were hided themselves, at the time when the BSF was capturing cattle from the smugglers, at about two kilometers away from the place of incident. At about 3:45 am Border Security Force jawans noticed them and rushed behind the victim and his companions. The on-duty BSF jawans of the said BSF Out-Post soon apprehended the victim and some other smugglers with cattle. However the companions of the victim were succeeded to escape from the place. It is reported that the BSF jawans started to beat the persons arrested by them with their rifle butts and kicking them with their boots after detaining them under their custody heartlessly with definite intention to kill them. The victim received injuries on his back, chest and head. As a result the victim became senseless. They did not stop even then and as a result of such merciless beating Pintu Sk. was tremendously injured and even not able to move his body. Then the Jawans left the bodies of the alleged injured smugglers on the open road, with the intention that they will not survive near 62/s IBP under Char Moirosi B.O.P Battalion Number 119 BSF.

However 6 of them were able to escape to Bangladesh with serious injury in their body and now their treatment in going on at Rajsahi Hospital. At about 7:30 am some people discovered Pintu Sk senseless and lied on the ground on a cultivated land for wheat near 62/s IBP under Char Moirosi B.O.P Battalion Number 119 BSF. They tired to rescue the victim and in the process of taking him to the hospital, Pintu Sk died at about 8:45 am. Then the villagers left the body of the victim on that spot and informed Raninagar Police Station about this matter. The police of Raninagar Police Station reached at the place at about 10 a.m. on 11/03/2011 and returned from there at about 4.p.m on same day. Mr. Bibhas Mandal the Officer-in-Charge of Raninagar Police Station informed our fact finding team that he was going to the place of incident however in fact it was Mr. Sumit Talukdar, Sub inspector of Raninagar Police Station, who arrived there and took the body of Mr Pintu Sk. to Godhanpara Primary Health Centre where Pintu Sk. was declared dead by Dr. N.K. Haldar at about 4 pm on 11.03.2011.  Mr. Bishnupada Nath, Executive Magistrate, Domkal held the inquest over the body of Pintu Sk. at the said hospital on 12.03.2011 at about 8:40 am.

The police of Raninagar Police Station registered one unnatural death case vide Raninagar Police Station U/d case no 05/11 dated 11/03/2011 in the matter of the death of Pintu Sk. and his post mortem examination was held at Lalbagh Sub-Divisional Hospital, Murshidabad.

On 11.03.2011 Mr. Jakir Hossain brother of Pintu Sk lodged written complaint before the Officer-in-Charge of Raninagar Police Station that his brother Pintu Sk was murdered by BSF personnel post on 11.03.2011 under Char Moirosi BSF Camp, Battalion- 119, Police Station-Raninagar, District-Murshidabad without any justification. The police treated the complaint as First Information Report being Raninagar Police Station case no. 139/11 under section 302/34 of the Indian Penal Code. Mr. Jakir Hossain also claimed that his brother Pintu Sk was not a smuggler and at that day he went near the 62/s IBP under Char Moirosi B.O.P Battalion Number 119 BSF just to look after his own land, at that time BSF ordered him to stop the smugglers who were illegally exporting the cattle to Bangladesh. When the victim refused to follow the instructions of the BSF jawans they arrested him illegitimately and started to beat him mercilessly as a result of which he died. The police investigation is still pending in the said case and accused persons are still at large.

Kirity Roy
Banglar Manabadhikar Suraksha Mancha
National Convenor (PACTI)
Programme Against Custodial Torture & Impunity
40A, Barabagan Lane (4th Floor)
Balaji Place
PIN- 712203
Fax – +91-33-26220843
Phone- +91-33-26220844 / 0845
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[IHRO] MUMBAI INVITATION- MARCH 26, 2011, 3-5PM [1 Attachment]


What it Means to be a Muslim in IndiaToday?

March 26, 2011,

3to 5pm

Anjuman-E-Islam Auditorium, Fort, Opp CST, Mumbai

Speakers: Aamir Edresy ,Abdul Hameed Azhari , Jitendra Ahwar , Mahesh Bhatt , Mohd Hilal , Rauf Lala, Yusuf Abrahani, Yusuf Shaikh, Shabnam Hashmi, Shahid Latif & Survivors from various places in Maharshtra.

What it Means to be a Muslim in India Today?”  is a Combined Report of Peoples Tribunal on the Atrocities Committed Against Minority In The Name Of Fighting Terrorism, 22-24 August 2008 at Hyderabad & National Meet on the Status of Muslims in Contemporary India, Delhi 3 to 5 Oct 2009

‘What it means to be a Muslim in India Today’ is a compilation of real life stories. Stories of discrimination, stories of torture & abuse, stories of prejudices & hatred, stories of apathy, stories of intimidation, stories of state terror & fabrication of evidence, stories of police atrocities, stories of judicial apathy & connivance, stories of cold blooded murders, stories of the second class citizens of the world’s largest democracy.

We invite you to attend / cover the programme.

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