People’s Audit

People’s  Audit

Dear Sir,

People’s Union for Civil Liberties (PUCL) is a  national organisation  wedded to protection of human rights and its founders were such illustrious men in  our country’s recent history, like the late Jayaprakash Narain, Acharya Kripalani, Krishna Kant and V M Tarkunde who joined hands to set up this body in the aftermath of draconian emergency from 1975 to 77 when the civil rights of the people like even to live, let alone express dissent were taken away by the establishment.

Ever since, the PUCL has been expanding its network and now we have its units practically in every state. The Karnataka State unit of  the PUCL, with a new set of office bearers  took office recently with Mangalorean Mr P.B.D’Sa as its Chief. We have the privilege of two of the  four Vice-Presidents and a Secretary also hailing from Mangalore.

India is a witness to a very sad situation where criminals , communalists and anti-social elements have infiltrated into politics, bureaucracy and police dept. As a result, custodial deaths , police torture, extortion and encounters  by the Police have grown phenomenally. Govt Doctors and Judiciary have shamelessly joined hands with the Police.  Honest citizens are  exploited and tortured. There is injustice everywhere.

To show the power of people and the importance  of public opinion in democracy, we have arranged for a People`s  Audit on Police Torture in the Karavali belt on 11/12/10 and 12/12/10. The Jury will be headed by Justice M F Saldanha(Retd). The other members  of the Jury are Mr Purushotham Poojary, senior Advocate Mangalore, Mr Nagari Babaiha, a Human Rights Champion from Bangalore, Mr. Mathew Philip, famous Human Rights activist from Bangalore, Prof Rita Noronha, a well known Human Rights activist from Mangalore, Ms Merlyn Martis, Advocate and Champion of women’s right from Mangalore.

Incidentally,  the  DK unit of PUCL  which has the largest number of programmes held among all the district units in the state, has  to its credit having conducted people’s  audit programmes when notable atrocities on ordinary citizenry took place in the district.


The task we have assigned to ourselves in the interest of people is not possible without the cooperation of munificent public. Our estimated expenditure for this event is Rs 2,22,500/-.

We wish to find sponsors for this good work amongst benevolent, philanthropist from Mangalore.

You can sponsor the following   items:

1. Expenditure on premises Rs 20,000.00 7. Publicity Rs 30,000-00
2. Travel, Hotel Stay of Jury and Guests Rs 25,000-00 


8. Printing etc Rs  5,000-00
3. Lunch on 12/12/2010 Rs 10,000-00 9 Post and Telephone etc Rs  5,000-00 


4. Refreshments on 11/12/2010 Rs 7,500-00 10 Unforeseen Expenses Rs 10,000-00
5. Printing and Publishing of Fact  Finding 

Reports  prepared by PUCL-DK since 1995

Rs 50,000-00 


11 Salary and Wages 3 months Rs 50,000-00
6. Press Conference etc Rs 5,000-00 12 Conveyance Rs 5,000-00 


Total Rs. 2,22,500-00

We  appeal  to  you  to  join  hands  with  us to make  this work  a  success.

Truly    Yours

Victor D’Silva


Organizing Committee


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