Sub: Ban on cow slaughter – Petition to The Supreme Court


All the Press/ Media Persons

Sub: Ban on cow slaughter – Petition to The Supreme Court

We have attached here with a copy of petitions sent to:

  1. The Supreme Court of India
  2. The President Of India
  3. Governor of Karnataka

Signed by about 4750 persons from Karnataka for their interventions in the matter


Working President

PUCL – Karnataka





Father Muller Road, Valencia, Mangalore – 575 002, Work: 4252170, E-mail:


‘All that is necessary for evil forces to triumph in this world is for enough good people, to do nothing’-Edmund Burke

Date: 11-05-2010
Chief Justice of India

Supreme Court of India,

New Delhi 110001


We are forwarding here with a petition dated 23-03-2010 signed, by about 4750 citizens consisting of 198 pages, with a request  to treat this petition as a public interest litigation and protect the people of  Karnataka from the misrule if BJP government and restore their right to food of  their choice and right to life with dignity

All the signatures are in original.  Undersigned has signed at several places only as guidance

For future correspondence following address may be used:


Working President,

People’s Union for civil Liberties (Karnataka)


Muller Road


Mangalore – 2

Tel: 0824-4252170

On behalf of the signatories to the petition.



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