Ban on cow slaughter – Petition to The Supreme Court

To                                                                                                       Date:23-03-2010

Supreme Court of India

New Delhi



Sub: Public Interest Litigation of against ban on Cow slaughter and protection of  Indian Food Culture and freedom to consume food of ones choice.

  • The BJP led Karnataka government has recently passed a bill in Karnataka State Assembly on Friday 19/03/10 seeking a Ban on Cow slaughter.
  • This ban clearly indicates the malafide intentions of the BJP led government to impose the ideology of  Sangh Parivar over its citizens.
  • There is no fundamental “Right to food” under the Indian Constitution, but the fulcrum of justifiability comes from the constitutional “Right to life and liberty” as enshrined in Article 21 and “Right to Live with Dignity”
  • In recent years, poverty and hunger have been placed as a major cause for discourse in India in its development. The ongoing increase in the price of the food commodity has further pushed the availability of protein rich food supplements beyond the reach of a common man.
  • The meat food supplements such as beef were the cheapest form of dietary food for poor and common people in the state. But the approval of the bill to “Ban Cow slaughter” will take away even this basic right of a common man from satisfying his basic nutritional needs, further depriving him from his “Right to Live with Dignity”.
  • Furthermore the absence of beef meat industry in the state will incur a huge loss of revenue to the State as well as it will create large scale unemployment to thousands of workers engaged in this food processing industry. The medium and small scale farmers owning a cow and undertaking animal husbandry as their primary occupation will have great deal of problems in resettling with new occupations.
  • Moreover, due to the absence of Beef food industry the demand for other meat alternatives like Chicken, Mutton will increase which will result in the price rise of meat food commodities, as well as vegetables.
  • Prior to this People’s Union for Civil Liberties (PUCL) in April 2001 sought the legal enforcement of “Right to Food” through “Right to Food Campaign” and as a direct result of a writ petition filed in the Supreme Court of India. This case, popularly known as ‘the Right to Food Case’, has since become a rallying point for trade unions, activists, grass root organizations and NGOs (i.e. Non Governmental Organizations) to make the right to food a justiceable right and thereby promote the human right to live with dignity.
  • Since the bill of “Ban on Cow Slaughter” deprives the basic right of the people from choosing the food of their choice in a democracy. This bill requires to be struck down. 


We, therefore request you to initiate steps against this arbitrary legislation initiated by the Karnataka State Government that violates the basic rights of the people.

The petition is initiated by PUCL Mangalore. Therefore all communication may be addressed to president, PUCL, Pauline, Valencia, Mangalore-575002,  Karnataka . Tel:4252170.

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