A crying need for police reforms




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‘All that is necessary for evil forces to triumph in this world is for enough good people, to do nothing’-Edmund Burke


                                                                                                                        Date: 06-01-2010

Inspector General of Police

Western Range Mangalore-1

Dear Sir,

Sub: A crying need for police reforms

Ref: DECCAN HERALD an English news paper

         Dated 30th December 09


We are enclosing here with Xerox copies of news paper dated 30th December 2009 page no-7 and 8 has been devoted fully for ‘THE INDIAN POLICE’. While the editorial speak of disciplining  the police  before anything else it expresses doubts about efficacy and wisdom of treating all complaints the police receive as first information reports . We too feel that no rules and regulations or reforms will solve the problem of misuse of power by the executives, specially in the police department. Police have to be made accountable and disciplined by exemplary punishments to individual offender. Besides, even high importance should be given to the family background and character of the official while they are recruited.  The same page displays an article  titled for JUSTICE FOR WHOM? By Sudhanshu Ranjan which mocks at the judiciary for giving him a punishment of 3 -month jail . In the last para of the article he writes “POLICE SHOULD ASK THEMSELVES WHY THEY ARE TARGETS OF NAXALATES . IF INNOCENT PEOPLE  ARE HARASSED LIKE THIS NAXALISM WILL GROW INJUSTICE PROVIDE MOTHER’S MILK TO TERRORISM” It is indeed a shame that government of India is not to prepared to talk to the naxalites  across the table though the root cause for the birth of naxalism is poverty caused by mismanagement of the country

Page-7 of the paper has following headings:-

  1. Another molestation case gains voice – the accused in this case is the former DIG of Rajasthan
  2. Police file fresh FIR- the case pertains to wrongful confinement by former Haryana  DGP Rathore
  3. Protest mark her 16th death anniversary.
  4. NCW recommends fresh FIR against DGP.


The above details, we believe should make a honest and honorable policeman to put his head down with shame   .

The intension of this letter is to drive home the truth that the common man, a law abiding citizen anxiously waiting for a complete change in the police behavior.

We hope very police man in Karnataka will make a resolution to this effect in this New Year.

Your faithfully,

For People Union for civil Liberty



Working President


National PUCL Office bearers

Founder Jaya Prakash Narayan

President Prabhakar Sinha

General Secretary Pushkar Raj

Vice Presidents (names in alphabetic order) Binayak Sen (Chhattisgarh); Ravi Kiran Jain (Uttar Pradesh); Sudha Ramalingam (Ms) (Tamil Nadu & Pondicherry); Subrato Bhattacharya (Jharkhand); Sanjay Parikh (Delhi)   

Secretaries: Kavita Srivastava (Ms), Chittaranjan Singh, Mahipal Singh, V. Suresh 

Treasurers D. Jagannathan (Delhi), S. A. A. Pinto (Mumbai)

National PUCL Office bearers

Founder Jaya Prakash Narayan

President Prabhakar Sinha

General Secretary Pushkar Raj

Vice Presidents (names in alphabetic order) Binayak Sen (Chhattisgarh); Ravi Kiran Jain (Uttar Pradesh); Sudha Ramalingam (Ms) (Tamil Nadu & Pondicherry); Subrato Bhattacharya (Jharkhand); Sanjay Parikh (Delhi)   

Secretaries: Kavita Srivastava (Ms), Chittaranjan Singh, Mahipal Singh, V. Suresh 

Treasurers D. Jagannathan (Delhi), S. A. A. Pinto (Mumbai)

Attack on Nooryaani Mosque at Kolya

Name of the victim: Nooryaani Mosque, Yateemkhana and neighbourhood

Occupation of the Victim:

Date of Incident: 31-1-2010

Time of Incident: 01:30hrs

Place of Incident: Nooryaani mosque, Kolya

Weapons used: Stones

PUCL Enquiry Team: Mr. P B Dsa, Suresh Bhat, Kabir and

                                        Mohammed Kakinje


According to the testimony of victims of Nooryaani mosque attack


Nooryaani mosque – Kolya

Some miscreants returning from a Koragajja temple celebration threw stones on the mosques damaging the front glass. The stone hurled broke the front glass and hit the front hall glass of the mosque. The attack occurred around the early morning of 1 AM; since the caretakers were sleeping in the basement the stone hurling was not heard.

Attack on Nooryaani Yateemkhana

A young boy of 9th STD was sleeping in the Nooryaani Yateemkhana hostel, when some miscreants again threw stones at the window. During the course of the incident a stone and some glass pieces  landed on the bedroom of the students, where the young boy was sleeping. The boy has been currently admitted to Sahara hospital, Thokottu who had received injuries because of the flying glass pieces. This Yateemkhana is home to over 500 orphans.

The attackers also pelted stones on the rooftop of the house of a nearby resident during their “serial attack spree”. This house is the worst sufferer in this area because it is attacked every time when there is night programme of Hindus or a political meet  of BJP just because it belongs to a Muslim gentleman.

Opposite to the Nooryaani mosque a Rickshaw stand has been established by the drivers. However this stand is not an authorized one . According to the residents in the neighbourhood the Rickshaw drivers provide primary source of information to the communal groups and often Muslims are attacked in this area during the nights. Most of the drivers are active Bajrang Dal / Ramsene members

The victims believe that the attackers belong to Shree Ram Sene and have police records for their antisocial activities. However police appear to be very soft towards this group of communal rowdies because of the protection given by the BJP Govt.

Observation by the PUCL Committee

  • The miscreants had specifically used attack stones with an intention of causing damage to life and property.
  • The attack must have been conducted by the same group as the incident took place on the same day and location hardly 200 meters away from each other, more or less simultaneously.
  • The leaders of the attackers are known rowdies with criminal antecedents. However they have not been arrested immediately inspite of naming them. Present postion is not known to us.
  • The area covering Koppala, Kolya and Kumpala appears to be the breeding ground for criminals as these areas were earlier occupied by unauthorized zopad patties where scheduled caste and scheduled tribe people are living. Though there are some educated people both educated and uneducated people are unemployed and these people are being used by people like Kolya Ramesh a ex Grama Panchayath member of Someshwar and an ex-owner of an unauthorized bar. There is an another gentleman by name Jaya Prakash who is a secretary for 3 Panchayaths i.e Moodshedye, Kotekar, Someshwar.
  • It is also gathered that every time a communal attack is planned the group belonging to Kolya Ramesh and Tikki Nagesha and others with the support of the controversial drivers, indulge in erecting large hoardings, which is an excuse to dodge the police on the night beat. These occasions are made use to attack Masjids and Muslim houses. No license or tax is paid to the panchayats
  • It is particularly noticed that the rickshaw drivers majority of them belonging to Bajaranga Dal / Rama Sene outfits indulge in urinating in front of Muslim Ladies passing by and also urinate in front of the Masjid situated opposite the rickshaw stand. There is imminent danger of communal clashes taking place in this area because of this.


  1. The unauthorized rickshaw stand should be shifted immediately and a police man posted in this area regularly.
  2. The persons named by the victims and their caretakers should be arrested immediately and action persued against them and their names should be included in the list of communal rowdies.
  3. It is necessary to take communal rowdies into preventive custody in such areas when community based or religious based Yathras and Jathras and so called Utsavs are held, specially in the evenings and nights.
  4. It is also very important that head constables and constables who are entrenched in various police stations for more than three years be shifted out of the Karavali districts. This will solve the problem of such attacks under control immediately. The weakest link in maintaining law and order is saffronisaton of police force and presence of same constables in the same stations for years together.




Fact finding report of forceful closure of University College Mangalore by ABVP activities. Freedom of Speech and expression under attack



Fact finding report of forceful closure of University College Mangalore by ABVP activities. Freedom of Speech and expression under attack 



Name of the victim: Mr. H. Pattabhirama Somayaji

Occupation of the Victim: English lecturer, University College, Mangalore

Date of Incident: 26/02/2010

Time of Incident: 1030hrs

Place of Incident: University College, Hampanakata

Weapons used: None

Associated with organization: Human Rights activists, Movement for protecting Indian food culture

PUCL Enquiry Team: Mr. P B Dsa, Kabir

Summary of the incident as per the victim Mr. H. Pattabhirama Somayaji

On 25th February 2010 Mr. H. Pattabhirama Somayaji addressed as a key note speaker in a protest rally organized by “Movement for protection of the Indian food culture” against the Karnataka State Government attempt to introduce a new bill against Cow Slaughter.

Following this event on 26th February 2010 a group 80 students of the university college, Hampanakata shouted slogans against their lecturer Mr. H. Pattabhirama Somayaji and created a ruckus in the campus.

This group accused Mr. H. Pattabhirama Somayaji of supporting anti-government activities and further an anonymous petition was submitted to the Principal of university college Mangalore

This group claimed itself to be representing the student’s council of the University College Mangalore, affiliated to ABVP (Akhila Bharathi Vidya Parishath).

The group announced a compulsory closure of all the regular classes on 26th February 2010 and told their fellow students to vacate the college campus.

Observations by the PUCL enquiry committee

PUCL enquiry committee interviewed Mr. H. Pattabhirama Somayaji on March 2, 2010 at the university college Mangalore and made the following observations.

  1. Mr. H. Pattabhirama Somayaji had participated in a protest rally on 25th February 2010 with authorization from the concerned officials from the Dakshina Kannada district administration.
  1. Mr. H. Pattabhirama Somayaji had rightfully used his fundamental Right to speech & expression (Article), Right to assemble peacefully () in accordance with the provision of the constitution.
  1. The protest rally in which Mr. H. Pattabhirama Somayaji addressed as a key note speaker has no relation whatsoever with any educational institution or student body. Therefore the involvement of the University college student council is questionable.
  1. An entire working day of University College was brought to a halt due the interruption by the student’s council over nonacademic matter.
  1. The protest also caused an indefinite loss of education to other students who were forced to vacate the premises during regular working hours.
  1. Vartha Bharathi, the regional Kannada news paper on its daily edition dated February 27, 2010 had quoted that it was Mr. Ashwath and Mr. Bhavani Shanker, the students of University College who led the strike against Mr. H. Pattabhirama Somayaji on 26th February 2010.
  1. Over 250 students of the University College have jointly signed a petition supporting the innocence of their lecturer Mr. Pattabhi Somayaji on March 1, 2010.




Mr. Pattabhi Somayaji has been actively opposing anti-people’s policy, violation of human rights and destabilizing undemocratic machineries in the society for several years. Therefore his contribution to the welfare of the society is very well recognized.

It is a well accepted fact that political activism creates a strong civic consciousness among the students. Some of the political parties and factions like ABVP (Akhila Bharathi Vidya Parishath) are increasingly exploiting the potential of the youngsters for propagating their agenda within the campus.

Therefore this petition is to bring to the immediate attention of the district administration to provide adequate protection to Social and Human activists like Mr. H. Pattabhirama Somayaji.

Also we strongly recommend that Mr. Ashwath and Mr. Bhavani Shanker, the students of University College be directed to Educational counselors for their deviant behavior that resulted an obstruction to the regular functions of a educational institution.

Important recommendation


As a long term measure to cure this ailment of young students getting exposed to activities and evil forces which would corrupt their minds and ruin their carvers  the government should seriously consider sifting of this institution from were it is now located  to a more conducive place on the outskirts of the city. The present location is not all suitable for a educational institution. The structure being of a historical nature it can be convince placed under Historical Monuments under the control of the central government.

The above report was prepared by:


General Secretary

PUCL, Mangalore