Communal unrest and the forcible bundh given by bajarang dal and their associates

Date : 06-10-2006

Bundh and preventive detention DK

Inspite of section 144 no preventive detention made and therefore anti social elements are threating shop keepers to close the shops moving in 10 to 20 bikes with pillion riders.  People are suffering without food and urgent medicines, treatment etc., police are also forcing people to close down. please  act immediately.




Communal unrest and the forcible bundh given by bajarang dal and their associates

Event  that led to bundh

In the night of 4th October 2006 around 8.30 p.m.  the barke police station Mangalore got an intimation from bajarang dal   activists around 8.30 p.m.  that a 407 van is moving towards kudroli slaughter house with some cattle SI of barke got into action and followed a van but lost sight of it near kudroli temple but the bajarang dal  activists followed the van in two cars When the van reached kudroli slaughter house since a crowd was      already assembled there was stone pelting at each other. Police intervened and the situation was  brought under control.

The news spread was that the van dashed against two vehicles appearing like   Quawalis and Scorpio.  A lady was supposed to have been hit by the van but till 5th October evening no police complaint was registered in barke police station or any other station about the vehicle involved in the incident or the lady.  But the police have booked a case of illegal transformation of cattle. Nothing is known about so called accident on account rash driving but the facts found out by a fact finding committee consisting of P.V. Mohan Secretary District Congress committee Ummer U.H. Chief Secretary Karnataka Komu Souharda Vedike M. Alihasan President Muslim Traders Sanga Tejasvi Raj District President N.S.U.I. P.B.DSa District President PUCL are as under.

That one Narayana Poojari of Kulai sold two buffalo to a Muslim dealer, in spite of serious objection from bajarang dal  activists.  While transporting the said buffalo the bajarang dal  group followed the van in two cars and also intimated barke police station.  At alke that is before reaching Kudroli slaughter house there was stone pelting from the both the sides which gives an impression that this was something preplanned. Soon after the police arrived on the spot the situation brought under the control.

 Early in the morning on the 5th the news was spread that there are communal disturbance in Kudroli, Farangi Pet, B.C. Road etc., and bajarang dal   associates have called for a Mangalore bandh.   Police checked up and found out inside the slaughter house that there was neither a van nor a single cow which is supposed to have entered the Kudroli slaughter house.  In fact the police have seized a van which was abandoned at Surathkal, a distance of 20 km from Kudroli and police have approached Muslim leader at Kudroli to produce two cow just to file a case of illegal transportation of cows by some unknown Muslims.  The animals sold were buffalos and the police want two cows so that they can bask on the glory of filling a case so that their political bosses are made happy.  

The highlight of the bandh is that the first day of the bandh it was a complete and total bandh, such a bandh we have never seen.  The reason is about 50 young men in 25 bikes went around the city early in the morning and threatened buses autorikshaws and shop keepers not to open their shops. Out of fear people stopped all activities and police man were seen forcing the shop keepers to close their shop under the pretext of maintaining peace and hormony. Today is the 2nd day of bandh and section 144 is clamped in the city but the above said young stars are have continued their exercise and unfortunately all along no preventive detention of antisocial elements is done.

The message given to the people is  that it a government supported bundh engineered to make the people believe    that Muslims are involving in illegal and communal disturbances.  In fact it is the opposite people who have created a huge communal rift to  gain political advantages. All along hardly any police force is seen on the road.  The entire episode and events clearly shows that this was a preplanned event with a clear intention to make this city another Gujarat unless the S.P. Mr. Dayananda is transferred peace will not easily return.  Bandh is likely to continue depriving the daily wage earners their right to employment and for other citizens their right to live in peace and dignity.  The bandh has caused contempt of Supreme Court which has banned all sorts of bandh police should arrest the entire leaders who have caused this bandh.


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