Fact finding report prepared by PUCL on the attack on Usman Faizi and Mohammed Ashraf at Jeppina Muger Mangalore

Fact finding report prepared by PUCL on the attack on Usman Faizi and Mohammed Ashraf at Jeppina Muger Mangalore


Name of the victims: Usman Faizi & Mohammed Ashraf

Occupation of the Victims: Ustaad of Kudroli palli & worker at a Grocery shop respectively.

Date of Incident: 11/02/2010

Time of Incident: 21.00hrs

Place of Incident: Jeppina Muger

Weapons used: Soda bottle, Medium knife, sword

Associated with organization:  None

Investigation official: Sub Inspector Prakash

Investigating Station: Kankanady Police Station

PUCL Enquiry Team: Mr. P B Dsa, Kabir


Summary of the incident according to the victims Usman Faizi & Mohammed Ashraf.


About 8 to 10 people stopped the bus number 42 Raviraj by whistling and hooting near Jeppina Muger and boarded it. The bus had a few people in it; the attackers cornered the victims by looking for their taqiyat on their head.


The Victims Usman Faizi & Mohammed Ashraf were sitting adjacent on the same seat, therefore the attackers first tried to attack Usman Faizi with a weapon, Mohammed Ashraf tried to deflect the attack using left hand and was hurt in the process.


The brothers somehow managed to get down the bus and running towards Thokkotu direction. The attackers initially tried to chase them but later gave up the hunt meanwhile they threw soda bottles at the victims. The brothers after a certain distance were able to manage to get help from two bike riders; the bikers after a brief enquiry from the victims stopped a KSRTC bus and assisted them to board it.


The KSRTC bus meanwhile took the brothers towards pumpwell, the police and press the officials were already at Mahaveer Junction, pumpwell to enquire another accident in the area. Usman Faizi & Mohammed Ashraf got down from the bus at Omega hospital, pumpwell and informed the police about the incident; the press interviewed and photographed the victims.


The police directed a hired auto to take the victims and proceed to Highland hospital; the police assured the victims that they would follow up with their case in the hospital.






Observations by the PUCL enquiry committee & Conclusion


  1. 1.      The Victims have been badly wounded by the assailants, the Victim Mohammed Ashraf has a left hand plastered and his brother Usman Faizi is also severely on Hands, Legs, Back and Shoulder.


  1. 2.      The intensity of the attack and the variety of weapons used point out to the fact that the attack was premeditated and hence we request the police department to press the police intelligence unit in sensitive areas to dismantle such organized attacks on the innocent residents of Mangalore.  The involvement of the Driver and conductor cannot be ruled out in this incident.



The above report was prepared by:


General Secretary

PUCL, Mangalore

Date: 15-02-2010






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