Shameful act

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Shameful act

PUCL press statement on attack against IBN Lokmat

— By Pushkar Raj, General Secretary, PUCL, 21 Nov., 2009

PUCL strongly condemns Shiv Sena activists’ attack on IBN Lokmat offices in Bombay and Pune. It is a shameful act against freedom of expression, rule of law and civilized norms of society.

PUCL views repeated occurrence of these types of attacks, in Mumbai in particular and in other parts of the country in general, with great concern and believes that these incidents recur because master minds, instigators and perpetrators of these incidents enjoy impunity. To date, not a single key leader of these attacks has been punished thereby tacitly lending support to violence on street by those who are responsible for maintaining law and order. It is precisely because of this reason that crude violence has entered even state legislature spectacle of which the whole nation witnessed recently undermining in turn the institutional sanctity and cherished constitutional values.

PUCL demands that the state government immediately order for a time bound CBI inquiry into the incident and take the strict action against any one found responsible for vandalizing office of the media house. The government must ensure punishment for those responsible for the incident thereby sending a strong message against deterring any future act of hooliganism by such outfits and contain culture of passive terror that these groups are spreading.


Communal unrest and the forcible bundh given by bajarang dal and their associates

Report filed by Suresh Bhat of PUCL, D.K. District.

On 18.10.2006 accompanied team no: 4 towards Suratkal, Soorinje etc.


National Super Traders

This is one of the several shops in a 16-year old, two-story commercial complex – Sai Kripa. The shop has  4 partners and 11 employees – all Muslims.

Observations:-  A big provision shop with three shutters. Shop counter glasses shattered. The third shutter exhibits damage  due to fire and on the inside big chunks of plaster from ceiling have fallen. The switchboard is completely burnt. There is black soot everywhere inside the shop. Apparently, third shutter was forced open and some inflammable liquid poured through that opening into the shop and then set on fire.

Other shops in the same building and in neighbouring buildings belonging to other communities were not targeted.


Parameshwara Poojary, owner of the building, narrated:

On the night of 4.10.2006, a watchman in a neighbouring workshop heard sound of dog barking, got up and saw 3 persons running away. Next morning, on 5.10.2006, Parameshwara Poojary went to the Urwa Police Station and lodged a complaint. After he came back, at about 11:30 to 12 noon, around 50 to 60 persons on motorbikes came and broke the counter-glasses in the shop and the STD booth and sped away.

Maqbool (?), one of the partners, narrated:

On 4.10.2006, on the day of the Karnataka bundh, the response was quite poor and most of the shops and establishments were open. Their shop was also open during day. At about 7:30 pm they closed shop and went home. At about 3:15 in the early morning of 5.10.2006, he received a phone call about the fire in the shop. He immediately called the police and fire brigade. On 5.10.2006, in the morning hours, as they were trying to assess the extent of damage and clean it up, around 50 to 60 persons arrived in around 25 motorbikes, formed 4 groups and 3 groups (consisting of local persons) approached the persons in the shop and warned them to close the shop. The 4th group then pelted stones at the shop damaging the glasses of STD booth and the shop’s sales counters. This happened within about 3 minutes and then the group sped away in the direction of Kuloor. Police reached the spot about 2 minutes later but made no effort to chase the group or inform the squad ahead. Police have registered a complaint; estimated loss is around Rs.10 Lakhs.

ABCO Steel Center

This is a multi-story building on NH17

Owner: Mohammed Aslam Kazi.


Found several shattered colored glass panes in the front façade of the building.

Huge glass walls of the Cauvery Ford showroom on the ground floor were not targeted.

ABCO Steel Center corporate office is located on 5th floor. The manager, Javed, was out but was available on the phone. He narrated:

The exact time of attack is not known. Complaint registered with police in which two persons have been named. Unwilling to reveal the names to the fact finding team.

Scrap Shop

Owner: Ashraf


Shutter has suffered damage due to fire.

One wooden table inside partially burnt (50%). Switchboard partially burnt.

Ashraf narrated:

On the night of 4.10.2006, some miscreants tried to set fire to the shop but were not successful. They returned on the night of 7.10.2006 and this time managed to inflict some damage by forcing open the shutter and setting fire after pouring some inflammable liquid.


There is a cluster of petty shops and stalls all adjoining each other


A small shoe stall

Observations: the shop is completely gutted and repair work was in progress.

Owner: Ayub.

He (owner?) narrated:

On the night of 5.10.2006, some miscreants set fire at about 10:45 to 11 pm. He received information at around midnight. Complaint registered with police; estimated loss is around Rs. 3 Lakhs.


Ideal Footwear

Located next to the first shoe stall.

Observations: completely gutted.


Bharat Auto Works

A scooter repair shed.

Located next to Ideal Footwear

Owner: Bharatesh

Observations: Extensive fire damage. Tools and tackles fully destroyed.

Police complaint registered; estimated loss around Rs. 70000.


Scrap shop

Located behind the above two shops

Owner: K.C.Usman.


Fire from the other three adjoining shops partially damaged one wall. The fire brigade forced the front door open in order to douse the fire. Door has suffered damages.

Police complaint registered; estimated loss around Rs. 5000.

Similar incidents of arson had occurred here during the disturbances in the wake of Babri Masjid destruction in 1992.



Mohammed Salih Jumma Masjid


A 11-year old building. Glass of main door is shattered. Switch board behind is partially damaged. Glasses of 6 windows also found shattered.

Wastad-Abdul Khader

His son- Badruddin (16 years)

Narrated by one Abdul Rahman who works in a factory behind Steel Udyog:

On 5.10.2006, at about 7:30 pm, around 25 persons on around 8 motorbikes came to the mosque and attacked the Wastad and his son with swords and other lethal weapons. The father was hit on the leg and the son was hit on hands, legs and back of head. When they started running, the miscreants chased them up to Baikampady.

The miscreants broke door and window glasses, damaged one water-filter, threw 4 volumes of Holy Quran down and took one vacuum cleaner away.

The old mosque here was burnt down during the disturbances in the wake of Babri Masjid destruction in 1992.

One of the attackers has been identified as one Sandeep, a pigmy collector from Angaragundi.



A Private House

Door number: 12-55.

Owner: Moidin(aged 45), works as manager of local SCDCC Bank.

Location: on NH17 opposite Punjabi Dhaba.

Observations:  There was no one in the house. Observed muddy hand impressions on wall and main door. Three window glasses found shattered. Wooden frame of windows also damaged apparently windows hit with some sharp weapon.

Narrated by ?:

Moidin has been attacked, has suffered injuries and is admitted in AJ hospital.

Moidin was attacked also during the Suratkal riots some years ago.

The occupants of house no:19-49 on opposite side, said they have no idea about the attack on Moidin’s house.


Fatah Manzil


A private house.

Location: next to the railway tracks.

Narrated by (?):

Men of the house are working in Saudi Arabia.

A Hindu mob had collected on one side of the tracks and the Muslims had grouped on opposite side.

There was stone throwing by Hindu mob and the local policemen present could not control the mob. Situation was ominous and was brought under control only after a police van with reserve police from Madikeri arrived.

A small Provision Store


Owner: Balakrishna Shetty.


Shutter damaged, roof tiles damaged, shop ransacked

Narrated by Balakrishna Shetty and Rukmayya Shetty (owner of BR Bakery nearby):

In this 8th block there are around 300 houses with 85% Muslims and the rest Hindus..

On 5.10.2006 at 11 am, a 300-strong Muslim mob came and attacked the shop and his house at the back, damaging the roof tiles, shutter and window glasses. The mob returned and repeated the attack 3 times.

BR Bakery employing around 12 workers, also suffered some damage.

Satyajit, Venu, Ganesh Hosabettu of Hindu Jagaran Vedike, visited them at around 4:30 pm.

One Krishna Poojary at Agaramelu has been hit on the head.

House of Mrs Vedavathy


Mrs. Vedavathy narrated:

Her house suffered some damages. Around 25 roof tiles were damaged during the exchange of stone throwing between the rival groups.

Narrated by one Altaf:

Tension had started to build up at about10:30 am on 5.10.2006. Earlier at 10 am a regular fish vendor of the area had come on his usual rounds but was warned by a Hindu woman customer to get away fast. One police jeep with 3 policemen arrived at 11 am. Meanwhile the Hindu mob had swelled to around 1000 and the Muslim mob to around 200. Later an additional 15 policemen arrived.

Kishan, son of Balakrishna Shetty whose shop and house was the target of attack, is a member of Bajrang Dal. After the trouble he has gone away to Mumbai.

A Private House


Owner: Abdul Rahman (aged 45) used to work in the Gulf.

He narrated:

On 5.10.2006 at about 9:30 am, children came running and shouting to close all doors and windows and the main gate. A 200-strong mob (Hindu) gathered on the opposite side of railway track was pelting stones in their direction. Some stones fell on the roof slab. At this time there were no policemen present. At 12:45 pm again there was stone throwing.

At 4:30 pm there was more stone throwing. The mob was around 500-strong now. Several houses suffered damage in the stone throwing.

Police tried unsuccessfully to disperse the crowd. It was only after leaders of both sides got together that the situation was brought under control.

K.Kasim narrated:

He and one Ataullah of Chokkabettu Agaramelu who had gone to Suratkal to pay electricity bills were beaten up by a crowd and told to go back.



A small Jewellery Shop

Shop no: 1-144(D) in the Badriya Complex.

Owned by one Bhasker Acharya and Keshava Acharya.


This shop has been ransacked and suffered damages to the shutter and glasses of showcases.

Narrated by one of the partners (name?):

On 5.10.2006 their shop was attacked and the jewellery was looted and the showcase glasses of the showcases in front and on the wall inside, were shattered.

A jeep belonging to one Ahmed Bava was blocked on the road and this was the cause of trouble. Estimated loss around Rs. 10 Lacks.

Local panchayat has disbursed cash compensation of Rs.________.

A tiles shop and an iron & steel shop have also been attacked and looted.


Mohiuddin Jumma Masjid


The hundi was found damaged.

The evening Iftar had just concluded and there were around 100 people in the mosque.

Narrated by one Abdul Jaleel (aged 50), a cloth merchant:

On 5.10.2006 at about 3:30 pm, at Shibarooru, a boy, Ahmed (aged 26) was driving a pick-up van. Some 5 to 6 persons stopped the pick-up, beat Ahmed and tried to throw him into a gutter. A witness, a Hindu woman raised an alarm and the miscreants ran away and Ahmed escaped serious trouble. On hearing of this incident, some young Muslim boys were planning to retaliate but were dissuaded by other senior members of the community.

Narrated by one K.M.Usman, ex-president of local panchayat:

He ‘phoned to the police and lodged a complaint against Krishna, Vinod, Vijay, Dinakara, Balu, Satisha, Naveena Puchadi, Mukesha, Bharata (from Kote and Puchadi of Soorinje). Two policemen, Maniyani and Harish came to the spot. Krishna was handed over to the police. But no cases have been booked against Krishna and his associates; instead cases have been booked against the 6 complainants K.M.Usman, Farooq, Riyaz, Shabir, S. Hamid, and Habib

In the evening of the same day, after Iftar, while devotees were returning home, a 300-strong mob of Hindus from Krishnapura, Pakshikere, Panja, Katipalla etc., arrived with lethal weapons and started attacking the Muslims. Some 13 persons were injured. All the Muslims rushed back to the mosque. Injured were taken to Unity Hospital in Mangalore. The hundi also has been damaged by the mob.

The panchayat president had arrived on a bike and started talking of peace and compromise. But within a short time, a 300-strong mob of Hindus gathered at the spot. Police who were at the spot went away before the mob attacked and came back only 15 minutes later.

When friends and relatives went to Unity Hospital at around midnight to visit the injured persons and to give them food, they found a group of Bajrang Dal men surrounding the hospital. They tried to prevent their entry.

Nagaraj Shetty,in-charge minister for the district who came to Soorinje next day visited only the Hindu areas but not a single Muslim area. Krishna Palemar had shown the decency of visiting people of both communities.

_____________     ___       ____________

On 19.10.2006 accompanied team No: 1 (Ms.Rashmi & Mr.Shashikant) to Kutharu.

1. Shopping complex being built by the Baharat Aided High School.

One wing of the building completed and occupied by 4 shops – Sushma Furniture, Surya studio, Smartman Tailors, and Utsav Canteen. Found shutters of all shops broken open, shops looted  and set on fire. In Smartman Tailors shop one could see some burnt cloth and soot-covered walls and floor. Significantly the school building itself situated behind has not been touched by the mob.

2. Swabira Bagh

A house on the side opposite the Kutharu Temple.

Adjoining the house is a shopping complex –Swabira Complex- with 6 shops.

Owner-B.Ismail aged 60, a retired person. Has 7 children-one girl and 6 boys-3 boys working in the gulf countries, 1 boy completed B.B.M. course, 1 boy owns a provision store and another Mohammed Firaz works with him in store.

Mohammed Firaz, aged 22, narrates:

On 6.10.2006 at about 2:40 pm saw a 150 strong mob coming towards their house from the temple opposite. The family closed all doors and windows and huddled inside with fear. The mob came inside the compound, broke all the glasses of a Tata Indica car KA19MC 2244, shattered around 59 window glasses and also damaged a AC split unit and released the gas. Meanwhile, the family members had tried to call Ullal and Mangalore police immdtly on seeing mob. The police came at about 3 pm.

Police recorded complaint;damages estimated Rs.1l lacks. Compensation received – Rs.20000.

After this incident family locked house went awayfor a few days.

3. Rajarajeshwari Siddhivinayak Temple, Kutharu Kshetra

Secretary Nandakumar Babbukatte narrated all incidents and he was later joined by President Jagannath Salian.

(Vice president Gopala Kutharu is an active office-bearer of Bajrang Dal and during the 3 days of trouble he was reportedly out of station, in Mangalore.)

 On 6.10.2006 at about 1.20pm a 500-strong mob came from the Madani mosque area with swords, sticks, stones, soda bottles etc. Fortunately almost all the devotees had left earlier and at this time there were only around 25. They locked the main front door of the temple. Meanwhile the crowd shouting ‘Pakistan Zindabad’,’Allahu Akbar’ and ’Jihad’ damaged 8 vehicles which were in the compound. Main door frame which was attacked with swords, has some minor scratches on outside but one small piece of wood on the inside was splintered which he claimed to have been already repaired. Steel cupboard that was near the window was hacked with sharp weapons causing deep dents and some holes.

Several plastic chairs were damaged and some chairs were carried away.13 idols on the outside damaged. Two persons were injured when they were attacked with swords. Estimated loss is about Rs.13 lacks.

Hearing this commotion some 1000 Hindus from the town came running to the temple. Temple trustees who were present there tried to pacify the mob but a part of the crowd went to Swabira Bagh opposite. Later police came and dispersed the crowd. Police have registered cases and in general behaved well.

President Jagannath Salian also says “ in Ullal small shops of Muslims were set on fire by the owners themselves with intention of maligning police. There are two mosques nearby and since they belong to people of different political parties they have differences among themselves”.

4. Sowmya Fancy Store

Owner-Umesh Belchada, member of CPI(M)

Narrator-an employee:

On 6.10.2006 at about 1.30 pm, a 400-strong mob arrived with lethal weapons such as stones, swords etc, broke glasses, ransacked the store, looted it and then set fire before departure. Two employees ran away on seeing mob. Police complaint lodged; estimated loss is Rs.6 lacks

Mob tried to do similar damage to Selection Gift Center located on the opposite side but the employees managed to extinguish fire. Extent of damage is less.

Police did not respond to phone calls. Came to the spot 1 hour after incident.

There was one police van in the vicinity but it had left the area 5 minutes before the mob arrived.

Police have not arrested miscreants. Many of them are freely roaming around.

5. Kuvathul Islam Mosque and Madrassa

Located at Madani Nagar.

Narrated by Imam Abdullah Madani:

On 6.10.2006 around 1000 people inclusive of locals and outsiders were gathered in the mosque for noon prayers. At around 1:25 pm, while namaz was going on, they heard noise of shattering of glass and found some window glasses shattered by stones. On rushing outside they could observe a bike and a jeep with occupants in Bajrang Dal uniform, speeding away.

At about 12:45 pm, a police van was standing in the area but at the time of the attack the van was missing.

Imam claims that the police themselves sent the Bajrang Dal men numbering around 60 to attack the mosque.

A mob of muslims collected and they ran in search of miscreants.

Police registered complaint only when Imam was accompanied by Mr.Hyder Parthipady?

Peace in the area was disturbed after the temple came into existence; significantly Gopala Kutharu (vice president of temple) is an active member of Bajrang Dal and also its district convener.

The other mosque Masjid Ur Rahman is a branch of this mosque. Prayers are held there everyday except Friday special, which is held only in the main mosque.

6. House of Mohammed Sharief

Narrated by Nebissa the wife and her old mother Bipatumma:

On 7.10.2006 at about 8 am around 20 men in khakhi dress and faces covered with colored cloth, came and asked for the men in the house. Mohd Sharief who worked in Kuwait has been in India for the past 8 months but on 7th he was away at in-laws’ place. They threatened Nebissa the wife and her old mother Bipatumma.  When they couldn’t find the men the crowd broke the television screen and showcase glasses and window glasses. When the women raised an alarm they ran away. Suspect them to be Bajrang Dal men masquerading as police. According to them a couple of other houses in the area were also attacked.

Narrated by Mohammed Arif and his friends:

They were in mosque on the 6th when stones were hurled at the windows of the mosque. They ran towards the Masjid Ur Rahman when they heard that it was under attack. When they reached the spot they found a 400-strong crowd with lethal weapons gathered near the mosque but on seeing the Muslim crowd they ran away.

7. Pavan Tailors

Owner- K.Vasu Gatti.

He is ex-president of Kutharu Temple, now a member.

He narrated:

A 1000-strong mob with lethal weapons came and attacked his shop. Name board of shop was damaged and a number of roof tiles were broken.

Complaint has been registered with police; estimated loss is Rs.10000.

Owner is one among the 11 main accused in the complaint registered by the other party.


_________  _______

Communal unrest and the forcible bundh given by bajarang dal and their associates

Date : 06-10-2006

Bundh and preventive detention DK

Inspite of section 144 no preventive detention made and therefore anti social elements are threating shop keepers to close the shops moving in 10 to 20 bikes with pillion riders.  People are suffering without food and urgent medicines, treatment etc., police are also forcing people to close down. please  act immediately.




Communal unrest and the forcible bundh given by bajarang dal and their associates

Event  that led to bundh

In the night of 4th October 2006 around 8.30 p.m.  the barke police station Mangalore got an intimation from bajarang dal   activists around 8.30 p.m.  that a 407 van is moving towards kudroli slaughter house with some cattle SI of barke got into action and followed a van but lost sight of it near kudroli temple but the bajarang dal  activists followed the van in two cars When the van reached kudroli slaughter house since a crowd was      already assembled there was stone pelting at each other. Police intervened and the situation was  brought under control.

The news spread was that the van dashed against two vehicles appearing like   Quawalis and Scorpio.  A lady was supposed to have been hit by the van but till 5th October evening no police complaint was registered in barke police station or any other station about the vehicle involved in the incident or the lady.  But the police have booked a case of illegal transformation of cattle. Nothing is known about so called accident on account rash driving but the facts found out by a fact finding committee consisting of P.V. Mohan Secretary District Congress committee Ummer U.H. Chief Secretary Karnataka Komu Souharda Vedike M. Alihasan President Muslim Traders Sanga Tejasvi Raj District President N.S.U.I. P.B.DSa District President PUCL are as under.

That one Narayana Poojari of Kulai sold two buffalo to a Muslim dealer, in spite of serious objection from bajarang dal  activists.  While transporting the said buffalo the bajarang dal  group followed the van in two cars and also intimated barke police station.  At alke that is before reaching Kudroli slaughter house there was stone pelting from the both the sides which gives an impression that this was something preplanned. Soon after the police arrived on the spot the situation brought under the control.

 Early in the morning on the 5th the news was spread that there are communal disturbance in Kudroli, Farangi Pet, B.C. Road etc., and bajarang dal   associates have called for a Mangalore bandh.   Police checked up and found out inside the slaughter house that there was neither a van nor a single cow which is supposed to have entered the Kudroli slaughter house.  In fact the police have seized a van which was abandoned at Surathkal, a distance of 20 km from Kudroli and police have approached Muslim leader at Kudroli to produce two cow just to file a case of illegal transportation of cows by some unknown Muslims.  The animals sold were buffalos and the police want two cows so that they can bask on the glory of filling a case so that their political bosses are made happy.  

The highlight of the bandh is that the first day of the bandh it was a complete and total bandh, such a bandh we have never seen.  The reason is about 50 young men in 25 bikes went around the city early in the morning and threatened buses autorikshaws and shop keepers not to open their shops. Out of fear people stopped all activities and police man were seen forcing the shop keepers to close their shop under the pretext of maintaining peace and hormony. Today is the 2nd day of bandh and section 144 is clamped in the city but the above said young stars are have continued their exercise and unfortunately all along no preventive detention of antisocial elements is done.

The message given to the people is  that it a government supported bundh engineered to make the people believe    that Muslims are involving in illegal and communal disturbances.  In fact it is the opposite people who have created a huge communal rift to  gain political advantages. All along hardly any police force is seen on the road.  The entire episode and events clearly shows that this was a preplanned event with a clear intention to make this city another Gujarat unless the S.P. Mr. Dayananda is transferred peace will not easily return.  Bandh is likely to continue depriving the daily wage earners their right to employment and for other citizens their right to live in peace and dignity.  The bandh has caused contempt of Supreme Court which has banned all sorts of bandh police should arrest the entire leaders who have caused this bandh.

Fact finding report prepared by PUCL on the attack on Sandeep Alias Dananjay Putran , in Bandikotti, Mogaverapattana

Fact finding report prepared by PUCL on the attack on Sandeep Alias Dananjay Putran , in Bandikotti, Mogaverapattana


Name of the victim: Sandeep Alias Dananjay Putran

S/O Ananda Kanchan

Occupation of the Victim: Fish Marketing Federation

Date of Incident: 12/02/2010

Time of Incident: 17.15hrs

Place of Incident: Bandikotti, Mogaveerapattana

Weapons used: Medium Sized Knife

Associated with organization: Swasthi Cricketers

Investigation official: Sub Inspector Nagaraj

Investigating Station: Ullal Police Station

Examining Doctor: Dr. Lawrence Arthur, NITTE

PUCL Enquiry Team: Mr. P B Dsa, Kabir

Summary of the incident as per the victim Sandeep Alias Dananjay Putran

Seconded by Pushparaj Shetty- 9880933507 and

Santhosh – 99116263514.

Sandeep Alias Dananjay Putran was riding a Hero Honda Glamour bike for a regular cricket practice with Swasthi cricketers on the Bandikotti ground. While he was riding the vehicle a Bajaj caliber started tailing him and signaled him a passing horn (Signal).

Sandeep Aalias Dananjay Putran slowed down his vehicle and aligned it to the left side of the road aligned his vehicle, to let the rear vehicle pass.

But as the (Unknown) rider in the Bajaj caliber started overtaking, the pillion rider (Unknown) stabbed Sandeep Alias Dananjay Putran using a medium size knife. Meanwhile half of the knife got stuck on the trapezius muscles of Sandeep Aalias Dananjay Putran.

The Assailants drove swiftly and managed to escape from the scene. Meanwhile Sandeep Alias Dananjay Putran was not able to continue driving so he shouted with pain and fell from his bike.

The scream was heard by Sahan a nearby resident, who quickly came to the scene and was able to identify the assailant’s vehicle as Bajaj Caliber. Sahan quickly came to the rescue of Sandeep Aalias Dananjay Putran and admitted him to Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Hospital, Thokkotu and later informed the ullal police station.

Observations by the PUCL enquiry committee

When PUCL enquiry committee visited Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose Hospital it was around 21.30hrs on 13/02/2010.


  1. 1.      The victim Sandeep Alias Dananjay Putran’s saffron coloured shirt with Blood stain was still in Sandeep Alias Dananjay Putran room where he is  admitted and was not collected by the police investigation team as evidence even after 28 hours after the incident.


The shirt is a major piece of evidence to establish the victim’s relation with the crime and crime scene. Moreover the shirt has two precision cut marks from the knife that was used to stab Sandeep Alias Dananjay Putran which would directly point at the use of the weapon on Sandeep Alias Dananjay Putran. However the victim does not suspect any one as he appears to have a amiable nature.


  1. 2.      Though the victim was in a stable condition during the visit of the arrival of PUCL enquiry team at 21.30hrs on 13/02/2010. The police had not carried out the facial identification of the suspects from the victims. This again shows the delay in the follow up procedures on the part of police investigation team.
  2. 3.      It may be recorded here while no ruling party politicians visited the other victims in Highland Hospital and  Sahara Hospital Thokkattu, M.P Nalin Kumar Kateel, MLA Yogish Bhat, Nagaraj Shetty  and others visited Netaji Hospital.


We understand that the Dakshina Kannada police department is very engaged in the investigations of multiple violent incidents that have sparked in Mangalore over last one week and because of Bandh called by Ram Sene. However since a conclusive identity of the assailants or a group is not established, we request a responsible investigation team over the matter because to a certain extent the frequency of these attacks seem coordinated.

The delay in investigation procedure may result in more attacks on peaceful residents of Mangalore, while the assailants roam scot-free and spreading their terror among people.

Therefore we request you to please direct the concerned officials to take necessary investigation procedure and bring the offender to justice to reestablish peace in Mangalore.

The above report was prepared by:

General Secretary

PUCL, Mangalore

Date : 05-02-2010

Fact finding report prepared by PUCL on the attack on Badruddin his children Sahil & Sahadiya near Hale Police Station, Kodi Temple, Mangalore

Fact finding report prepared by PUCL on the attack on Badruddin his children Sahil & Sahadiya near Hale Police Station, Kodi Temple,  Mangalore



Name of the victims: Badruddin his children Sahil & Sahadiya

Occupation of the Victim:  Coolie job at Dakke

Date of Incident: 12/02/2010

Time of Incident: 22.00hrs

Place of Incident: Near Hale Police station, Kodi Temple

Weapons used: Sword, Medium Sized Knife, Brick Stone, Wooden beams

Associated with organization:  None

Investigation official: Sub Inspector A. D Nagaraj

Investigating Station: Ullal Police Station

Examining Doctor: Dr.Vikram Shetty

Medico Legal Case: Dr. Suresh Mankar

PUCL Enquiry Team: Mr. P B Dsa, Kabir

Summary of the incident as per the victim Badruddin

Seconded by his children Sahil & Sahadiya

Badruddin was on his way from Halekala along with his children Sahil & Sahadiya to pick his Wife from Thota on his bicycle. Badruddin was wearing a taqiyat (cap worn by Muslims) as a cultural practice. A group of 10 plus members intercepted Badruddin near Hale police station after identifying him from his white taqiyat and started attacking him randomly with Sword, Medium Sized Knife, Brick Stone, Wooden beams. The attackers were speaking in Kannada and Tulu.

Badruddin tried to shield himself from the attackers using his left and right arms, the attackers pushed Badruddin away from his bicycle. Meanwhile his children started screaming and asking the attackers not to assault their father. Then one of the attackers lifted the bicycle and threw it aiming on Sahil, but then it missed Sahil and fell on Shadiya. Sahil was seriously hurt over head and knee cap.

When Shadiya pleaded the attackers not to attack their father they kicked Shadiya on her stomach.

Finally the residents from the nearby came to the spot after hearing cries for help from Sahil & Shadiya. The attackers quickly took to heels after seeing the residents rushing towards the area. This was a well planned attack.

The neighbors quickly took the victims to Councilor Ashraf at Kodi, where the police jeep was called in and the victims were escorted to Sahara hospital, Thokkotu.








Observations by the PUCL enquiry committee & Conclusion



PUCL enquiry committee visited Sahara hospital, Thokkotu around 20.30hrs on 13/02/2010.

  1. The victim Badruddin had a finger broken and is fixed with a rod.
  2. A right hand arm bone is supported by a rod.
  3. According to the victims one of the attackers repeatedly coaxed a person named “Vicky” to be more aggressive with his attack.
  4. The victims also claim that the attackers had consumed alcohol.
  5. The attacked identified Mr. Badruddin by the taqiyat he was wearing, hence a clear violation of Article 29 and 30 of the Fundamental right of an India citizen.
  6. The victims repeatedly recollect the one of the suspect by the name Vicky, However in spite 221/2 Hrs after the incident no arrests have been done so far.

The above report was prepared by:


General Secretary

PUCL, Mangalore

Date: 15-02-2010