Cops mull digital eyes for safer Bengaluru

Cops mull digital eyes for safer Bengaluru

Cops mull digital eyes for safer Bengaluru
BENGALURU: Bengaluru may soon be doing a Hyderabad, in terms of terror preparedness. Bengaluru City police commissioner MN Reddi and his department have mooted a Public Security Act – already in place in the Andhra capital – that entails having digital eyes all over the city.

A proposal in this regard will be submitted before the government. It seeks to bring apartment complexes, social clubs like Bowring and Century, and all commercial establishments with a minimum footfall of 150 under it.

A draft has been prepared by a team led by additional commissioner of police (administration) Umesh Kumar, and is pending Reddi’s signature. “The primary mandate will be to have CCTV cameras installed in all commercial establishments with a recording capacity of minimum 30 days. The police will have the right to avail a downloaded version of such recorded data from any establishment as and when the need arises,” Reddi told TOI.

Hyderabad had introduced the Act after the blasts in 2013. Speaking to TOI, Umesh said: “Our Act may not be completely identical to the one in Hyderabad. We are trying to customize certain provisions for Bengaluru-specific needs. But I can guarantee that our penalty laws will be more stringent.”

The move assumes greater importance in the wake of Bengaluru regularly featuring in terror-related alerts sounded by Central intelligence agencies. Sources said that on the terror radar, Bengaluru does not assume the same priority as Hyderabad, but the police had considered the implementation keeping in mind future threat perceptions and will have the police equipped with data.

Umesh said shops and establishments should have in place access control systems, which, however, will be given second-line priority in the Act. “The penalty, whose exact amount I cannot disclose now, will double if firms and establishments do not comply with the Act in a certain timeline and will become four times if they continue flouting it,” he said.

Even as the Act is yet to be put in place, the Brigade’s Shops and Establishments Association has secured the CBD’s arterial road in a hi-tech way and invested Rs 3.5 lakh to install two permanent, sophisticated cameras equipped with technology last November.

Besides this, Reddi said the entire city will be equipped with CCTV cameras under the Safe City Project, which the government has cleared with an estimated investment of Rs 75 crore. “Under this, we will have a back-end control room, which will monitor and store footage from CCTVs, but what we are planning under the Public Security Act will be for commercial establishments that dot the city.”

Crowdsourcing provision

Reddi also said the police will become more active and crowdsource information about incidents and things that may raise suspicion. “Today, every mobile phone is equipped with camera and video-taking abilities. We are also looking at crowdsourcing information from the public, a platform for which needs to be in place,” he said.

Next: unit to monitor social media

Reddi, speaking at an event on Wednesday, also said that police will raise a ‘social media monitoring unit’ under the Central Crime Branch (CCB) to monitor activity on the social media continuously through the year.

Bengaluru Police has faced both difficult and embarrassing situations due to messages on social media and messaging platforms like WhatsApp. If more than 18,000 people from the north-east left the city after social media went berserk with threat messages against them in 2012, a slew of tweets and messages on WhatsApp in the last couple of days warning of terror attacks has caused considerable panic among people.


20 persons picked up by Hyderabad Police in search operation

20 persons picked up by Hyderabad Police in search operation

20 persons picked up by Hyderabad Police in search operation
Based on information that Kishan Nagar, Shyam Nagar and Jirra localities are prone to criminal hideouts, police conducted a massive cordon and search operation, a senior officer said.
HYDERBAD: As many as 120 persons were picked up on suspicion of criminal activities from Asifnagar and Tapachabutra police station limits today and their antecedents are being verified, police said.

Based on information that Kishan Nagar, Shyam Nagar and Jirra localities are prone to criminal hideouts, police conducted a massive cordon and search operation, a senior officer said.

During the operation, a total of 43 two-wheelers were seized for not having proper registration.

“Over 300 police personnel participated in this massive operation. The antecedents of suspected persons are being verified for having (their) involvement in (crimes, if any) in Hyderabad and in other states,” DCP (West Zone) A Venkateshwar Rao said.


Woman killed for deposing in rape case

Woman killed for deposing in rape case

Woman killed for deposing in rape case
Dinesh pulled out a pistol and started beating the woman. When she collapsed, he fired three rounds at her from point blank range and fled.
NEW DELHI: A 45-year-old woman was shot by her son-in-law after she testified in court against him for raping her younger daughter. The incident was reported from Narela area on Wednesday night.

The man named Dinesh Mathur had allegedly threatened the woman with dire consequences if she did not withdraw the complaint.

The woman, a widow, stayed with her two daughters at a slum cluster in Swatantra Nagar area. Her elder daughter was married to Mathur, a resident of Karala who claimed to own a business in the locality.

On October 2, the woman found Mathur in a compromising position with her 15-year-old daughter and registered a case of rape against him. The child was taken for a medical examination and an FIR was registered but Mathur managed to escape from his house.

In her statement to the police, the 15-year-old girl has said that Dinesh came to their house with two of his friends around 10.30pm and started threatening her mother saying that she had booked him under a false rape charge.

During the argument, Dinesh pulled out a pistol and started beating the woman. When she collapsed, he fired three rounds at her from point blank range and fled.

A case of murder was registered against Dinesh and his friends, who are on the run.


Minor boy sacrificed by occultists

Minor boy sacrificed by occultists

MUZAFFARNAGAR: A seven-year-old boy was allegedly sacrificed by two occultists in Mukandpur village here, police said on Friday.

The accused identified as Ramvir and his associate Monu were arrested on Thursday, SHO VK Sharma said.

They had performed an exorcism rite on the minor, Kulvant, promising a woman of curing her infertility problems in lieu of Rs 20,000, he said, adding, police is searching the woman.

The boy was murdered by slitting his throat and his body was found naked in sugarcane fields on December 9, he said.



Litigants protest delay in cases outside Delhi HC

Litigants protest delay in cases outside Delhi HC

NEW DELHI: The Delhi high court on Friday saw a unique event-a protest staged by litigants whose cases have seen 1,500-1,900 dates in court.

Demonstrating with placards and banners outside gate number 7, the group attacked the slow rate of disposal by courts in Delhi and demanded video recording of proceedings. The litigants were brought together by a few NGOs-Forum for Fast Justice Janhit Manch and Fight 4 Judicial Reform.

Speaking to TOI, some participants vented their frustration at cases dragging on for decades and cited their example to emphasize that the biggest judicial reform must be time-bound delivery of justice. “A survey conducted by us revealed on an average, 60 dates are given in each case. The maximum respondents had fought through 100 dates while some have suffered delay and gone through 1,900 court dates,” Gulshan Pahuja, from Fight 4 Judicial Reform told TOI.

The protesters landed before HC after staging a similar demonstration last week at Jantar Mantar, where a large congregation of NGOs engaged in litigation showed up.

On December 12, the group intends to form a human chain on Sher Shah Suri Marg in front of HC. They have demanded removing of flaws from the current system since it benefits those who gain from delay and authoritative court proceeding records and accountability of lawyers and litigants who contribute in prolonging a case.

Advocate Indira Unninayar, who is actively involved in the protests, also justified the demostration. Speaking to TOI, Unninayar highlighted how “a civil litigation case related to property, which should be disposed of in a maximum of 6 years, has been dragging on for 26 years. Same goes for matrimonial cases. A divorce case takes up 15 years. The crippling delay ruins the lives of the litigants and their children,” she lamented.

In 2011, the then HC Chief Justice AP Shah had observed that “it would take the court approximately 466 years to clear the backlog in Delhi courts.”