Bangalore: Chief justice of high court livid over misuse of PIL system

Bangalore: Chief justice of high court livid over misuse of PIL system

Bangalore, Apr 22: Chief justice (CJ) of Karnataka high court, Justice D H Waghela, expressed deep anguish over the public interest litigation (PIL) filed against Sri Ramachandrapur Math,  duly observing that in this case, the facility provided by law to help aggrieved parties to file PILs has been blatantly misused.

‘What do you think a PIL is meant for? This provision is being grossly misused. We have observed that a number of advocates are hand in glove with their clients in this matter. We will be compelled to direct Bar Council to disaffiliate such advocates,’ he warned.

In the recent past, continuing in a series of PILs and other cases filed against Sri Ramachandrapur Math, a non-government organization (NGO) named Astra, and Gokarna Rakshana Samiti had filed PIL vide number 36998/13 in the state high court. Through this PIL, the litigants had asked the high court to direct inquiry by Central Bureau of Investigation into the affairs of the Swamiji of Sri Ramachandrapur Math, the Math, as well as Dharmachakra Trust run by the Math.

After filing the PIL, head of the said NGO, Chandan M C, and his legal counsellor, Mallikarjun Patil, had demanded payment of a sum of ten crore rupees, threatening the Swamiji and the Math of dire consequences in case of their failure to pay up this amount. They had offered to withdraw all the cases filed relating to the affairs of the temple at Gokarna that is being run by the Math if the amount demanded is handed over to them.

In subsequent developments, the police had launched an operation through which Chandan and Patil, who had blackmailed and threatened the Math, were arrested while accepting advance payment of ten lac rupees. Chandan, who has a criminal background, continues to be in judicial custody, while Mallikarjun Patil has been released on bail. Chief executive officer of the Math, K G Bhat, had appealed to the high court against the bail granted to Patil. Notice has been served to the defendant in this case, and the case is yet to come up for hearing.

The PIL was taken up for consideration on Monday April 21, by a division bench headed by the CJ. Earlier in the day, advocate representing the petitioners, K N Pravin Kumar, moved an application before the division bench, seeking to recuse himself from appearance in the case. During the hearing, the division bench comprising CJ, D H Waghela, and Justice B V Nagarathna, dismissed both the applications of the petitioners. In addition to commenting that the court will not tolerate misuse of PIL provisions, the learned judges said that usage of PILs for purposes, other than for which the system has been created, would be dealt with sternly.

The CJ, addressing the advocate representing the Math, asked whether the Math is serious in pursuing  the case, duly expressing his determination to handle this case with the seriousness it deserves. He also directed the Math to place before the division bench all the facts covering past and present history and developments relating to the case, in the form of a detailed affidavit. The hearing was thereafter adjourned to April 28.

Senior advocates, K G Raghavan and Ashok Harnahalli, represented the Math in the case.  Veteran lawyers, M R Satyanarayan and Arun Shyam were also present.



BC Road Service Road begins to create problems again

BC Road Service Road begins to create problems again

BANTWAL: The BC Road service road has once again started giving problems to the people. People using the road had faced a great deal of problems for several years ever since the fly over and four-laning works commenced. The problem though had subsided for some time, has once again resurfaced with heavy vehiclesbeginning to use the service road.
This despite the traffic police converting the highway and the service road here into a one-way zone. The frequent movement of heavy vehicles has slowly begun to take toll on the road. Even the stone slabs over the side drains here are giving way at several places revealing the substandard work.
Though one such slab has collapsed and the trench is gaping, the authorities have taken no step to repair the same.The local s as well as autorickshaw drivers have placed wooden planks on the trench and tied a red ribbon to it so that the trench does not take people unawares.




Mangalore: Sumati Prabhu Murder in Kulai – Three from North India Arrested

Mangalore: Sumati Prabhu Murder in Kulai – Three from North India Arrested

Mangalore: Well over two months after the murder of Sumati Prabhu (62), who was staying alone in her house in Kulai, the city police have succeeded in nabbing three persons involved in the crime.

They are Shivram (30) and Bahadur Singh aka Bahadur aka Bhaiya (22) hailing from Kapoora Malooka of Bayana taluk in Bharatpur district of Rajasthan, and Shah Nawaz (22) of Amroha district in Uttar Pradesh.

Sumati, wife of the late Damodar Prabhu, erstwhile contractor with Mangalore City Corporation, lived alone in her house in Kulai although her children were pressing her to not to live there and instead stay with them. She chose to be on her own, while a couple of her children lived in their own houses not far from hers.

Seven years ago, Shivram had lived in one of the houses rented out by Sumati and was very familiar with her. He had a fair knowledge of her personal belongings. Sumati is said to have been fond of wearing heavy jewellery in public. Shivram apparently had eyed them.

During the past years, Shivram, who was engaged in laying tiles in new homes, was living elsewhere. He, during a visit to his home state, tricked Bahadur into a plan to loot the gold from Sumati and brought him to the city. Joined by another acquaintance, Shah Nawaz from UP, working in a hairdressing salon near State Bank bus terminus here, they executed the murder, in the guise of having a look at the house on rent on February 8.

It was a gory murder in that her throat was slit and she lay in a pool of blood when some other tenants came to check the power supply when there was an outage. 

She had good rapport with her tenants and they too respected her. It was only her one-time tenant Shivram who played the villain. Since she happened to phone her daughter-in-law in the morning on the day of murder that some persons were coming to see the house, the Suratkal cops went after that clue.

Tracing the antecedents of all the persons living on rent at present and the past, their suspicion finally was focused on Shivram. Taking him into custody, they interrogated him and he confessed to the crime. His collaborators were also arrested.



Mangalore: SDPI Demands Action against ANF Officials and Bajrang Dal Activists in Kabir Shootout case

Mangalore: SDPI Demands Action against ANF Officials and Bajrang Dal Activists in Kabir Shootout case


Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI) held a press meet at Hotel Woodlands here on April 21.

Addressing the mediapersons district president of SDPI Abubaker Kulai said that on April 19, when Kabir along with other three were transporting Cattle, at Sringeri checkpost the ANF team had gunned down Kabir which the SDPI strongly condemns. ANF killed Kabir in a fake encounter which has raised several questions. People believe in the law and the police, but if such cases will continue then people will lose their faith in the system, he said.

Abubaker further said that earlier the police joining hands with the Bajrang Dal had filed false cases against the Muslim youth when they were transporting cattle legally. Kabir is involved in meat selling business and he used to bring cattle from outside the district. On April 19, as usual, when Kabir was bringing cattle from Theerthahalli, at Sringeri check post, the ANF officer shot at Kabir’s chest. Later when he died, the ANF, said that it was a mistaken identity, they had thought that he was a naxal. Later when Kabir’s family members had gone to bring Kabir’s dead body in three vehicles, Bajrang Dal activists had attacked them and damaged their vehicles in front of the police which shows that it was a pre planned murder. Because when there is agony or pain, any organization will come to help the family and share their pain but in Kabir’s case it was different. The Bajrang Dal did not spare the victim’s family, instead of helping, they attacked them and damaged their vehicles. 

The government has already announced Rs 5 lakhs to the deceased family but SDPI demands to increase the compensation to Rs 50 lakhs. SDPI also demands to suspend the ANF officials immediately and conduct proper investigation of the case. The Bajrang Dal activists who were involved in attacking the vehicles should also be arrested soon and the case will be handed over to CBI. 

SDPI will intensify their fight if justice will not be done and the demands will not be fulfilled.

State Vice President SDPI Hanif Khan Kodaje, District treasurer Anwar Sadat, Ashraf K and Nawaz Ullal were also present. 



Kuwait: KKMF kicks off Signature Campaign against Fake Encounter of Kabeer

Kuwait: KKMF kicks off Signature Campaign against Fake Encounter of Kabeer

Kuwait: Karnataka Muslim Forum (KKMF), an umbrella body of 13 NRI organizations has started signature campaign against fake encounter of Kabeer from Jokatte, Mangalore with a slogan of “Justice for Kabeer”. The 5 day long campaign has been started from 21st April 2014 and will be concluded on 26th April 2014.
Sleuths of Anti-Naxal Force gunned down a 23 year old Mangalorean muslim youth, Kabeer near Sringeri chekpost on Chikmagalur-Karkala state highway in the wee hours of Saturday 19th April. He was one among the five people who were transporting cattle from Theerthahalli to Mangalore on a pick-up truck. ANF sources said that the sleuths mistook the group for Naxals and opened fire.

Fanatic outfits

After the incident, when Kabeer’s body was taken to a hospital in Sringeri, his family members were reportedly assaulted by some Fanatic outfits. The incident has stirred much opposition in many sections across Karnataka.

Based on this issue, like minded Karnataka expatriate communities in Kuwait called for an emergency meeting to express NRI’s concern over these developments. Leaders from different NRI organizations were present during the meeting held on Sunday, 20th April in KKMA Community Hall, Abbasiya.

The Forum urged Karnataka/Indian Expatriate communities in Kuwait to sign the petition to provide justice to the innocent youth and to prevent future tragedies.
Heads of the following organizations were present in the meeting. 
Kuwait Kerala Muslim Association (KKMA) Karnataka wing, Kuwait India Fraternity Forum (KIFF), Karnataka Chapter,  Karnataka Cultural Foundation (KFC), Manhaj-al-Ambiya Call & Guidance Centre, Karnataka Muslim Welfare Association (KMWA, Ansariya Yatheem Khana Sullia Kuwait Unit, Kuwait Manipur Association, Darul Irshad Mani, Kuwait Unit, Al-Madina Manjanady Kuwait Unit, Malja’e Ujire, Kuwait unit, Kuwait Nawayethi Group, Indian Cultural Foundation and Gulbarga Gulf Group (GGG)



Mangalore: Government should Compensate Rs 50 Lakh to Kabir’s Family – SSF SGS Abubaker

Mangalore: Government should Compensate Rs 50 Lakh to Kabir’s Family – SSF SGS Abubaker


Mangalore: Sunni Students Federation (SSF) staged a protest against the killing of Kabir by ANF at Sringeri in front of the DC office here on April 21.

Addressing the protesters General Secretary State SSF committee K M Abubaker said that the Muslim community is mourning by the death of Kabir. His death has brought pain to the Minority community because the police officers killed a innocent youth for no reason. Kabir’s murder will be the last one of the Muslim community because SSF will not sit quiet, it will fight till Kabir’s family gets justice. 

He further said that, when the SSF members visited Kabir’s family members, the scene was heart wrenching. Kabir was a hardworking youth who was supporting his parents. He was involved in meat selling business and had gone to bring cattle from Chikmagalur. When he was on the way back home, the ANF officers shot him on the chest and killed him. Why the ANF killed Kabir, why they took the law in their hands? he questioned.

SSF need to know the answer to the above question, if the government fails to answer it is an insult to democracy. Muslim community has contributed in every field for the development of the country. SSF does not need any political support nor is SSF involved into politics. If anyone thinks that SSF cannot get into politics, they are wrong. If we get into the politics, present politicians should quit politics, he said.

SSF is always fighting for the right cause, Kabir’s case is a genuine one and we need to get justice for Kabir’s family. Although Kabir belonged to the Muslim community, every drop of Kabir’s blood that was shed is related to each one of us. We have to be united and fight till we get justice for Kabir’s family. Most of the organizations got into the streets to fight against the Sowjanya murder case and demanded to hand over the case to CBI, likewise we want the government to hand over Kabir’s case to the CBI. 

In this country everyone has the freedom to live their life. whereas the ANF officers snatched Kabir’s life. The incident should be investigated and the officers responsible for killing Kabir should be severely punished. Such incidents should not be repeated again, we need to put an end to such crimes. Kabir’s family should get Rs 50 lakhs compensation and a family member should be given government job. When the family members were going to receive the body of Kabir, they were attacked and their vehicle were damaged by the members of Hindu outfits, all of them involved in the heinous crime should be arrested and severely punished. The administration should curb all the anti communal forces, stop moral policing and create confidence in the people. 

SSF General Secretary South India, Abdul Hamid Bajpe speaking on the occasion questioned as to Why the officers shot Kabir on his chest, why did they not shoot him at other parts of his body? In this connection the Home minister is quiet and the state government announced Rs 5 lakh compensation for the victims family. SSF demands the government to sanction Rs 50 lakh compensation to the family. The state government should hand over this case to CBI, if the case will not be handed over to the CBI, SSF will intensify their protest till we get justice.

Later a memorandum was submitted to the Home minister through the DC. N K Shafi,Siraj Sakafi Kanyana, Ashraf Kinara, S P Hamza Sakafi, G Mohammed Kamil Sakafi,Usman Pattori, Yakoob Shivamogga, Hamid Madikeri, Mohiuddin, M B M Swadik  and K H Ismail Kinya were also present.



Child helpline rescues runaway boy

Child helpline rescues runaway boy

A 12-year-old boy from Andhra Pradesh, who ran away from home out of fear for exams, was rescued and reunited with the family after three days. In the three days of his life on the railway platforms, the child in school uniform earned Rs. 750 by selling chips.

Kiran (name changed), a class 8 student, took the Yeshwantpur-Machalipatnam express at Donakonda on April 9 after stealing Rs. 100 from home. Next morning, he was at Yelahanka railway station. While he was moving around in trains selling chips, his parents frantically began searching for him. Kiran’s father, Satya Babu, printed pamphlets containing details and photograph of his only son and posted in public places. His father then decided to distribute pamphlets and paste stickers on the Bangalore route, especially in Bangalore city railway station. He also met Ravindran, a volunteer from BOSCO, a city child helpline. To the family’s luck, Mr. Ravindran spotted the boy at the city railway station and he quickly informed Mr. Babu.

Meanwhile, Executive Director of BOSCO, P.S. George said that in the last three months BOSCO received 686 complaints, of which 632 have been traced.



CID to probe youth’s death in firing by ANF personnel

CID to probe youth’s death in firing by ANF personnel


The State government has ordered a Criminal Investigation Department (CID) probe into the death of a youth in firing allegedly by Anti-Naxal Force (ANF) personnel at Tanikodu check-post on the Sringeri–Karkala Road early on Saturday.

The government has also initiated a magisterial inquiry into the case.

Home Minister K.J. George told The Hindu on Sunday that the government would ensure justice to the family and take action against anybody if found culpable. He termed the incident unfortunate.

Mr. George said the government had announced a compensation of Rs. 5 lakh to the aggrieved family of the youth, Kabir (24), a resident of Krishapura in Mangalore.

Asked why no action had been taken against the personnel involved in the incident, he said the CID had been asked to submit a preliminary investigation report within a couple of days, based on which action would be taken.

Earlier in the day, Health Minister U.T. Khader visited Kabir’s family and assured them of justice.


Staff Correspondent from Hassan writes:

Kabir was part of a group that was transporting cattle purchased from Tirthahalli and Sringeri in a goods carrier to Mangalore. The vehicle was stopped at the check-post by ANF personnel. Chikmagalur Superintendent of Police R. Chethan said the ANF personnel were vigilant as they had information that Maoists might attack the check-post, which had been targeted twice in the past.

“As the passengers in the goods carrier started to run after assaulting the personnel, one of the ANF staff opened fire at them,” he said.

According to the police, the ANF personnel mistook them for Maoists and fired at them. While one member of the group fled from the spot along with the driver, the ANF personnel took one person, Umar Farooq, into custody.

No case, however, has been registered against ANF personnel.

Sarfaroz, who was among those travelling in the goods vehicle and was missing after the firing incident, was traced on Saturday night in the forests near Sringeri. Mr. Chethan said Sarfaroz was taken into police custody.

Both Umar Farooq and Sarfaroz were let off on Sunday.

The Sringeri police have arrested four people in connection with assault allegedly by Bajrang Dal activists on the relatives of Kabir in Sringeri on Saturday.



Police crack murder of West Mambalam sisters

Police crack murder of West Mambalam sisters

Chennai Police on Sunday claimed that they had cracked the murder of septuagenarian sisters that occurred in West Mamablam three years ago. They arrested seven persons, including a juvenile, on Saturday and have charged them with the murder.

The victims — Jayalakshmi (75) and her sister Kamakshi (72) — residing in K.R. Koil Street, West Mambalam, were killed on May 11, 2011.

Kumaran Nagar Police have identified Vijaya (42) and her husband Mahendran (43) of Perungudi, Vinod Kumar (19) of Taramani, Santosh (21), Hari (20) and Muthu (19) of Subbu Pillai Thottam in T. Nagar, and a juvenile, as conspirators in the murder.

Giving the details of the murder, a police official said that Vijaya had visited the home of the sisters, seeking work as a domestic help.

On learning that the women lived by themselves, Vijaya, along with her husband Mahendran, hatched a plan to murder them and steal their jewellery and money.

The couple, along with a gang, went to the home of the elderly women three days after Vijaya’s visit, murdered them and took off with some jewellery.

All the arrested persons were produced before the Metropolitan Magistrate at Saidapet and sent to judicial custody.

The Kumaran Nagar Police had in May 2012 claimed a breakthrough in the case and detained a few juvenile offenders.

They had also claimed that they were caught with a portion of the robbed jewellery. But they were unable to convict them then because of lack of evidence.



Bodies of two boys found in shack

Bodies of two boys found in shack

The father of dead boys aged 14 and 15 works as a labourer

Decomposed bodies of two teenaged brothers with head injuries was found in a shack in Chikkanayakanahalli in HSR Layout on Saturday afternoon.

The dead children were identified as Venu (15) and Pavan (14), sons of Gopal and Bharatamma, residents of Jannasandra.

According to the police, there were injuries on the heads of the two boys and they are yet to ascertain the weapon used by the assailants.

The murder came to light in the afternoon when a passerby observed that a foul stench was emanating from the shack. He opened the door only to find the two bodies in a highly decomposed state after which he alerted the police. But the police said they have no clue who gave them the information as he had called them from a coin booth. The police suspect the boys may have been murdered four days ago. The shack was built for a security guard posted on a site owned by one Gopal Reddy.

The police said that the father of the dead boys, Gopal, was a manual labourer, and their mother, Bharatamma, worked as a domestic help at an apartment complex.

Gopal filed a complaint with the police.

The parents of the boys were not in town for nearly a month, and they were clueless why the boys were killed, the police said.

A case of murder was registered.



BWSSB asked to compensate for ‘harassing’ man

BWSSB asked to compensate for ‘harassing’ man

BWSSB asked to pay Rs. 25,000 compensation to a Rajajinagar resident

Issuing notice to a citizen repeatedly demanding payment of arrears for a non-domestic water supply connection that had been disconnected over two decades ago proved costly for Bangalore Water Supply and Sewerage Board (BWSSB).


The Bangalore Urban III Additional District Consumer Disputes Redressal Forum described the action of BWSSB as “negligent attitude” that amounts to deficiency of service besides amounting to “harassment”, and has directed BWSSB to pay Rs. 25,000 as compensation to the complainant, P. Nataraj, resident of Rajajinagar 2nd Block.

The history

The complainant’s father, late Puttanna, had obtained a non-domestic water connection. In 1991, BWSSB had disconnected water supply due to non-payment of Rs. 143. However, complainant’s father had paid Rs. 143 on December 5, 1991. Later, water supply was permanently disconnected and meter also ceased to exist.

However, BWSSB repeatedly issued several notices to the complainant from October 2010 demanding payment of arrears with interest. BWSSB issued yet another notice in April 2013 demanding payment of “arrears” totalling Rs. 83,427.

Besides that, BWSSB threatened to disconnect the water connection given to the complainant’s residential building if arrears for the “non-existing” connection were not paid.

Besides replying in writing, the complainant participated in a water adalat organised by BWSSB for redressal of grievances of consumers, but to no avail.

BWSSB did not even respond to the notice issued by the consumer forum after Mr. Nataraj lodged a complaint under the Consumer Protection Act in August 2013.

The forum, comprising its president T. Rajashekaraiah and member Subhashini observed that “in spite of appearing before the water adalat and explaining the facts, BWSSB blindly issued notices, which caused mental harassment to the complainant.”

Taking note of “negligent” attitude of BWSSB, the consumer forum said it was necessary to award higher compensation for subjecting the complainant to mental harassment as “it will also be a lesson to BWSSB that it should not commit such mistakes.”



Bangladesh HC bans male doctors from examining rape victims

Bangladesh HC bans male doctors from examining rape victims


Dhaka: Bangladesh’s High Court on Sunday banned male doctors from examining rape victims to save them from embarrassment. 

“You must ensure no male doctors take part in examining the victims of rape,” a two-judge bench said summoning the director general of health services. 

The bench comprising judges Quazi Reza-Ul Hoque and ABM Altaf Hossain issued the ruling while director general Deen Mohd Noorul Haque informed the court that the female doctors were already appointed in government facilities in compliance with a previous order by the same court. 

The same bench passed the order in June last year ordering recruitment female doctors, nurses and staff at government hospitals for checking up rape victims. 

It was responding to a newspaper report that women rape victims were subject to embarrassment as male doctors conduct their medical examinations. 

The court at that time also directed the health services chief to inform the compliance report in subsequent three months but since no such report reached the bench, the court ordered the director general’s personal appearance. 

The lawyer for the health services chief, however, attributed the delay on procedural reasons within the High Court’s Registrar office saying his client had submitted the report to the court through the registrar.

Rights groups have long been alleging that under the age old system the traumatised rape victims faced miseries during the examination by male investigators who quiz them about the incident



Custody death victim’s father to file writ in high court

Custody death victim’s father to file writ in high court

MUMBAI: The family of Agnelo Valdaris (25), who died in the railway police’s custody on Friday, has alleged that he may have been thrashed by the cops as they did not cough up money for a bribe. Agnelo’s father, Leonard, plans to file a writ in the Bombay high court and approach the state human rights commission as well.

The Wadala GRP has been maintaining that Agnelo, a Reay Road resident, was knocked down by a train as he tried to flee from the custody of two police escorts, who were taking him to a hospital for a medical examination.

But Leonard said that his son was picked up from a relative’s home early on Wednesday and detained illegally for 48 hours without being produced at a court.

Leonard alleged that a cop from Wadala GRP had told another man who had been hauled up in the same case that the Vadaris family was going to pay Rs 2 lakh to secure Agnelo’s release. “We knew nothing about this monetary demand. On Thursday morning, that man’s brother called me up to ask why I had agreed to pay such a huge bribe when other families couldn’t afford it. I was taken aback by this,” said Leonard.

“At 11.30am, another cop from Wadala GRP called me up and asked me to come to the police outpost immediately. But I didn’t go anywhere as I was waiting for my son to be produced at the railway court. I removed the SIM card from my handset, so that I would not get any calls in the court,” he said.

But when Agnelo wasn’t brought to the court that day, Leonard inquired with the Wadala GRP court clerk and accompanied him to the police station. After reaching the police station, Leonard came to know that his son had been hospitalized with injuries to his wrist. “Agnelo had told me a day earlier he was scared of being killed by the cops, but I consoled him. I had no inkling that I would lose him the very next day,” said Leonard. “In hindsight, I wonder if I was being called to the police outpost by the cop to ask for a bribe.” The probe in the case was handed over to the CID on Thursday.



How NDA Government facilitated the flow of Black Money

How NDA Government facilitated the flow of Black Money

A small island nation like Mauritius perhaps generates more black money than all the SEZs put together because of the two-decade-old bilateral agreement between India and Mauritius, the Double Taxation Avoidance Convention (DTAC). Indian and Foreign companies masquerading as Mauritian companies have invested in India. Taking advantage of the DTAC, they avoid paying taxes not only in Mauritius which is a tax haven but also in India. The probe by a Joint Parliamentary Committee into the 2001 stock market scam in which Ketan Parekh was among the kingpins, had revealed large-scale corruption by Mauritius-based companies.

In 2001, a controversy had arisen when Income Tax authorities started investigating the real identities of the investors who were investing in India through Companies registered in Mauritius. As there was a Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement(DTAA) between India and Mauritius, investors were making black money by investing through pseudo Companies in Mauritius which had the benefit of zero tax – a tax haven. To help the black money hoarders, Atal Behari Vajpayee led Central Government (CBDT) issued a circular in 2002 asking I.T. officers to accept at face value the “certificate of residence” provided by the Mauritian authorities, effectively preventing the IT Officers from investigating whether they were really residents of Mauritius or not.

A case was filed in the Delhi high court against the misuse of DTAC way back in 2002. THE CBDT circular was challenged in the Delhi High Court by public interest petitions filed by the Azadi Bachao Andolan (represented by Prashant Bhushan). Delhi high court had quashed NDA Government’s circular and had nullified the central government’s order regarding the convention with Mauritius.However, in October 2002, the NDA government filed an appeal in the Supreme Court against the high court order.

A consortium of international investors, represented by the Global Business Institute (GBI), joined the government in filing the appeal. In February 2003, Arun Jaitley, who was the Law Minister in NDA Government, had appeared on behalf of Global Business Institute (GBI) in the Supreme Court. Arun Jaitley, while appearing for GBI, had pointed out that the circular prevented officers from discharging their duties by “investigating the matrix of facts to determine whether a company seeking benefits under the convention was really a Mauritian resident”.Arun Jaitley was successful in getting the Delhi High Court order overturned, thus reopening the doors for black money hoarders.

The irony is that the same Arun Jaitley who appeared for the GBI to argue for the continuation of DTAC goes and sits at Rajghat demanding that black money should be brought back to India! Such is the hypocrisy of our times.

–Read More At:http://www.truthofgujarat.com/nda-government-facilitated-flow-black-money/


KKSV, DSS demands end to Pankthi Bedha in Udupi Krishna Temple

KKSV, DSS demands end to Pankthi Bedha in Udupi Krishna Temple

UDUPI : The Karnataka Komu Sauharda Vedike and the Udupi District unit of the Dalita Sangharsha Samithi have staged a protest on April 19, Saturday against the practice of Pankthi Bedha at the Udupi Krishna Temple wherein recently a Bunt community woman who had sat for lunch along with others was asked to move out just for not being a Brahmin.
Addressing the protestors, G Rajashekhar, District President of the Vedike demanded that the government immediately banned the evil practice. He also recalled an incident in 1934 when Mahatma Gandhi who had come to Car street in Udupi had questioned if Dalits were permitted to the Mutt. When he got a reply in the negative, Gandhiji had walked out of Carstreet, Rajashekhar said adding it was in the year 1956 that Ambedkar permitted Dalits to enter the Mutt.
Jayan Malpe, Dalit leader who also spoke demanded that senior pontiff of the Udupi mutts Sri Vishwesha Theertha Swamiji must relinquish Sanyasa for remaining silent regarding the practice.
Hayavadana Moodasagri, Vice President of the Komu Sauharda Vedike also spoke.
The protestors later submitted a memorandum to the SP.



Assault on toll plaza staff : Protestors set 2 day deadline

Assault on toll plaza staff : Protestors set 2 day deadline

BANTWAL : Employees of the Brahmarakootlu Toll Plaza have set a two day deadline to the police department to arrest those responsible for the attack on theToll Plaza staff. The employees went on a flash protest on April 19, Saturday, after one of their colleagues Satyaraj was assaulted in the wee hours by masked assailants.
The employees say this was the fourth assault on them in the recent times and the second on Sathyaraj. They charged the police of inaction despite providing evidences regarding the assailants in an earlier assault case, in the form of CCTV footage.
The protest disrupted traffic on the route for over an hour. Finally, Bantwal Circle Inspector Rajashekhar Mistri assured to arrest the culprits within two days, following which the protest was withdrawn.



Kabeer killing: No case against ANF personnel yet, victims booked!

Kabeer killing: No case against ANF personnel yet, victims booked!

Mangalore, Apr 21: No case has been registered against ANF personnel who shot a civilian to death at a check-post near Sringeri in Chikmagalur district last week.

crimeKabeer (23), a resident of Krishanpur had lost his life in the alleged fake encounter in the wee hours of Saturday while transporting cattle along with four others.

Home Minister K J George said that action would be taken against the personnel involved in the incident only after CID submits a preliminary investigation report.

When Mangalore North MLA Moihiuddeen Bawa appealed Mr George for CBI while participating in a debate on Kannada news channel, the latter rebutted it saying, “For each and every incident we can’t order CBI probe,” said an arrogant George.

Ironically, the Sringeri police have registered a case under Sections of 143 (unlawful assembly), 147 (rioting), 148 (rioting with deadly weapon), and 379 (theft) of the Indian Penal Code, against the encounter survivors, who were legally transporting the cattle.



Kabeer ‘encounter’: ANF-Sangh Parivar joint operation?

Kabeer ‘encounter’: ANF-Sangh Parivar joint operation?

The fake encounter of a Muslim youth from Mangalore by the notorious Anti-Naxal Force personnel in Sringeri taluk of Chikmagalur district and subsequent developments have triggered suspicions of a joint operation by Sangh Parivar and ANF with the sole intention of disturbing peace in the society. It seems that the heavily armed ANF deliberately misused their weapons in a bid to accomplish the mission of Sangh Parivar.


The rubbish reasons given by the ANF to justify their crime is nothing but an apparent attempt to cover-up the cold-blooded murder of the youth, who was eking out his livelihood through the cattle business. The victim Kabeer’s family members, who are legally carrying out cattle trade for many years, had recently shifted from Jokatte to Krishnapur on the outskirts of the port city. Not a single member in his family has any crime record.

According to reliable sources, Kabeer was gunned down at close range by ANF personnel, who had realized that Kabeer and four others onboard a pick-up truck were transporting cattle. They had not indulged in any illegal activity. In spite of this fact ANF opened fire on them!

There are many ambiguities in the claims of police, according to whom ANF personnel assumed that the people on board pick-up vehicle to be naxals and they were forced to open fire when they ran. The ANF personnel initially claimed that they grew suspicious when the driver failed to pay heed to their direction to stop the vehicle near the check-post. Both claims are contradictory. It is impossible to believe people alighting from a moving vehicle and trying to escape by running!

There are several questions which the police need to answer about this so called encounter:  Was there any necessity to open fires at a person, who had no guns in his hands? Why did they shoot him in his chest at close range? Was it not an apparent attempt to murder him instead of capturing? Why did the police allow Sangh Parivar miscreants to attack on the family members of the victim, who had come to Sringeri to claim the dead body? The local residents and family members of the victim are accusing that the ANF personnel have committed this ‘murder’ as per the directions of Sangh Parivar. Some are also accusing that the Sangh Parivar elements within ANF committed this crime. Don’t you think that there must be some truth in these allegations?

This is not the first time ANF unleashing its brutality against innocent citizens in Western Range. We have seen similar fake encounter cases at Menasinahadya in Koppa taluk, Cheru reserve forest area near Subrahmanya and Manjalakadu forest area near Belthangady in recent years. Unfortunately, neither these incidents were considered seriously by the government, nor ANF faced any high level probe for their unpardonable blunders.

The fresh fake encounter once again proved the brutality and bloodthirstiness of the heavily armed ANF. Not only ANF, but also the entire police department and the state government of Karnataka are morally responsible for this coldblooded murder. One thing the government must not forget: Kabeer’s death was the death of trust and patience of the peace-loving people of the state.



Four Bajarang Dal men arrested on charges of assaulting Kabeer’s family at Sringeri

Four Bajarang Dal men arrested on charges of assaulting Kabeer’s family at Sringeri


Sringeri, Apr 21: Four persons allegedly belonging to Bajarang Dal have been arrested by the Sringeri police in connection with assault on the relatives of Kabeer in Sringeri on Saturday.

Around 50 Bajarang Dal men surrounded the taxi that was hired by the family of Kabeer and assaulted them.

They also threatened to kill them. Abdul Salam, the driver of the taxi Abdul Salam (25), who is nursing an injury on his hands at a hospital in Mangalore, said “I tried to back up my vehicle but a big stone was thrown on the windshield and then the group hit me with sticks.” Mr. Salam has injury on his right eye after he was hit by a splinter.

His two fingers are fractured and there is injury on right elbow.

“Another 100 of them were shouting ‘Bajrang Dal ki Jai’. The four police personnel were mute spectators when this happened,” said B C Shekunhi, Jokatte Gram Panchayat member and close friend of the family.



Muslim Central Committee demands CBI probe; says Kabeer was deliberately shot

Muslim Central Committee demands CBI probe; says Kabeer was deliberately shot

Mangalore, Apr 21: Condemning the alleged fake encounter of Kabeer on Saturday, president of Muslim Central Committee, Dakshina Kannada and Udupi K S Mohammed Masood alleged that Kabeer was deliberately shot at by the ANF personnel as he was shot directly in the chest from close quarters.

Speaking to a section of mediapersons here on Sunday, he said that the fake encounter of Kabeer had been planned beforehand as he was shot in the chest from a close range. The killing of the youth was a case of total police atrocity and manipulation by the police department, he said, demanding a CBI inquiry into the encounter.

He said that the slain youth was a regular bread-earner, whose job itself was to transport cattle. He was shot for no reason and this is completely illegal. There should be comprehensive probe in this regard, he said, adding that the committee would not be satisfied with a CoD investigation.

‘CM should intervene’

It is the police themselves who are involved in the killing, and this may affect the CoD probe. Even the attack on the family members of the victim occurred in the presence of police personnel. The police want to cover up their tracks and may divert further investigation. The chief minister himself should intervene in the case, and go for a CBI inquiry, he stressed, seeking justice for the victim’s family.

Compensation of Rs 30 lakhs demanded

He said that such instances would continue to occur unless appropriate action was taken against the ones involved in the encounter. “Till rightful justice is ensured to the slain youth and his family along with proper compensation, we will continue our struggle,” he said, demanding that the family of the victim should be paid his full due of Rs 30 lakhs as compensation.

Speaking on the occasion, Ibrahim Kodichal condemned the killing of Kabeer and appealed to the people to maintain calm in the district without heeding to rumours. He said that the Home Minister had considered handing over the alleged fake encounter case for CID probe.